T’journ: April

My Helper oh My Helper, My Helper oh My Helper… There is some thing that makes me come into your Presence, My Helper.

The devil is sha a bad devil oh. Yeah I will blame the devil , cos he is the one who comes (creeping , flying or racing) to steal, kill and destroy. He saw that the first quarter of the year was just awesome for me and thought he could just throw a grenade.. Comedian!! Whooooooosai! My God big pass am.

The first week of April was like a blur. It was different shades of emotions…mostly negative. Was also a bit down health wise , that cleared up quickly though . The big fool tried to steal my joy. He tried. But that was all he could do -try. He failed woefully. As in, I sat back and watched his weak n lame games and just LOL literally. Loser!

I started an online certification course. Its a leadership and management in health course. A close friend linked me up. Its my first ever online course/class. I really didn’t know what to expect but so far its been cool. Lectures could be watched online or downloaded. Weekly quizzes and discussions.. Its an abstract course kinda, and I forgot how much I dislike abstract courses. But its been okay. I’ve survived so far..and Half way done already!

I didnt do much reading, like i would have loved to. I had planned to do a Christian fiction novel this month. Hadn’t made a choice. Then I came across  a post on Alaroro Shopaholic’s blog where she shared her Francine Rivers collection and I was in Francine Rivers Novels Heaven.


I had read all except two sha, but her books are worth having and always a good read. Ive actually read most twice. So I picked and read Scarlet Thread. Started Atonement Child too, but didn’t finish it.

I was on a texlaxed hair journey last year..I decided to switch to a natural hair journey.

My one year texlax journey progress


I started transitioning after my last relaxer in Dec. Then I got bored and tired of transitioning. And I wanted to experience the TWA stage…so gave my scissors happy friend,Suo, the honours..and Tamie the Naturalista was born.

A friend said I was cheesing like I won the lottery.. Haha..

Now I knew there will be some reactions to this move, but I got more reactions than I expected. Shocked looks, Angry looks, Unhappy comments, etc. I posted one pic on Fb and some of the responses were just hilarious. But there was one recurring last line after all the steam had been let off – “But you look good and it suits you”. So when ever anybody started vibrating I just chilled till they delivered the last line.

My response mostly was that IT’S JUST HAIR! No one died. And it would grow back( tho looking different). Am I comfortable with it? YES! Am I a bit nervous if I can actually handle it? YES..but I know I can do all things hehehe. I’ve not been on low cut and natural hair in over 15-17 years so I’m looking forward to this journey.

PhotoGrid_1462370488874 Will I be a lifelong naturalista? I do not know. Time will tell. In the mean time I will enjoy this phase.

I had thought of taking a short train ride(from Ph to Aba). I’ve never been on one. Its still in the thinking phase. I’ve got one willing partner already.

This  month got me really grateful for my salvation. For the WORD. See eh, the Word is loaded. Its just for one to be diligent to sit down and feed on it. I had been slacking , but picking up again thankfully. I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit. He’s been putting up some interesting surprises on my path. I love this relationship.

April was a cool kid. May would be berra. How was yours? What new stuff were you up to?


Have a beautiful May.


Love and light


PS See this blog eh  Eziaha.com I loveet and the owner. I think I’ve been reading it for about 4years or so. Wasn’t consistent initially. I remember thinking then, “if this babe fit love God like this and still tight on so many levels wetin be my excuse?” Lol. She has been a blessing! QED.


23 thoughts on “T’journ: April

  1. It’s brave of you to go natural and I love your TWA.
    Sorry about the bad parts of your April. May May be better in every way for you.

  2. Wow! Am here now and it feels like av missed a lifetime of happenings.
    Am happy u took charge of ur mind and stayed tops regardless of whatever unpleasantness April threw @u. Kip strong..

    D Hair..Wow..
    I’d miss dat alot. Still in abit o shock.
    U luk different. Reborn. Lovely.
    We all love Organic 😉
    Have a much more fulfilling May Mie..

    1. Hahaha!!
      Thank you. I glad you can say lovely.. 🙂

      its God’s grace I have to thank for helping me take charge of my mind. He is just awesome.
      Thanks hun..xoxo

  3. aww, I actually enjoyed reading this. Looking at your before and after hair cut makes me just conclude that hmmn, it’s like anything will fit you. Even if you go bald. Hehe. You look nice. I didn’t know you would come to look this nice.
    As for your health, Oh I’m glad you’re better. Haha@fool for devil. yesterday I was so angry that I cursed him. Lmao. The guy is just a nuisance honestly. It makes me hunger for the Lord’s coming sooner tbh.
    Anyways, I’m happy about your course too. I think we are alike in many ways. I don’t like taking abstract courses but maybe someday when I get the time, I will try it. Not sure yet.

    About Francine rivers, I think I’ve read almost everything on that shelf except 2 or 3. Not sure. But her books never die. I can read it again and again. Have you read her recent one titled Bridge to Haven? I remember buying it on kobobooks when it came out. I was so excited but guess what, I haven’t even opened it. I look at my past reviews and wonder where all the ginger went. I think my new phase of Life just got busy but we must never be too busy to sit, relax and enjoy a good book. Sometimes I wish I was being paid to read. Honestly. Hehe.
    Have fun Tamie. xoxo!

    1. Itunu!!
      Thanks much babe.
      Not everything fit my face o. There are some hair styles I do and me sef know say e dey one kind. But I’m also glad it turned out well with the hair cut.. Better than I had imagined.

      I have bridge to haven and have read it. I think I expected more sha.

      Exactly what i told myself this year. I can’t get too busy not to get lost in a book.
      OMG , me 3!! I wish I were being paid to read. Haha

      Thanks twinnie..

    1. Lol.
      Er… The long or short version..
      Hahaha tho i think i knowbthe answer.
      Whats with guys and hair sef?
      No you are not.

  4. You really do write on different topics! This had me fixated on the screen so I don’t miss a thing. Lovely post! Love your hair- not a fan of low cuts but as long as you’re happy with it, great! I admire your walk with God and I look forward to the new posts on your blog. God bless!

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