Every Morning..

From somewhere, some distant realm I can’t really describe, I heard the shrill ringing of my alarm. The tune of my alarm is some annoying gibberish..i chose it on purpose cos I had realized that when I used songs I actually like, I could sleep right through the alarm ringing. Eyes still closed, I stretched out my hand, located the noisy object and swiped to the right. That response had become automatic every morning. I laid for a few more minutes (translate 30-40 more minutes) before sitting up in bed.

” No matter how loud or insistent an alarm clock is, even two, placed near the ears of a dead man…he wouldn’t wake up “- Pastor Ugo

I can’t tell the exact moment I closed my eyes to sleep ..just like every other night
I can’t tell ..moment by moment.. what happens around me when I sleep
Some say, I sometimes make low grinding sounds with my teeth..( I choose not to believe that).
I’ve been told I don’t snore…thank goodness!!
I know I am not conscious to the happenings around me.

“It’s of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning :great is thy faithfulness”  -Lamentations 3:22-23

” Thou shall not be afraid for the terror by night…” – Ps 91:5

My feet hits the cold tiles ,at the same time some cold harmattan breeze caresses  my bare skin,making me notice I had taken flight to lala land without closing the windows all the way. I stretch my body, this way and that way…forward and backward..

“Everytime I see another breaking of the day I say thank you Lord “- worship chorus

I can breathe
I can see
I can hear
I can feel
I can move

I shuffle around and continue the rest of my morning rituals…
This is the day that the Lord has made…I, Tamie will rejoice and be glad in it.
Will you?

Nobody has the power to wake you up and start you on your day.. don’t give them the power to spoil your mood /day. Choose to be joyful every morning.
Will you?

In ALL (not some) …. In ALL things give thanks!
(1st these 5:18)

Love and Light.

14 thoughts on “Every Morning..

  1. There's a hymn titled- New every morning is thy love, it's one of my favourite hymns.
    Sometimes we forget just how wonderful the gift of life is, thanks Tamie for this beautiful reminder

  2. Wow… Just had to comment on this one. For the first time Mie I’ve just read ALL your posts….. And all I can say is amazing!

    I definitely agree on being thankful.

    As your former room mate I would have jumped out of my skin if I heard you grinding your teeth… Lol. As per snoring…….who lied to you????

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