T’journ : May

Hey shugars!

Howdy Howdy..

How are all doing?

*insert* This post is long overdue. Its been sitting in Drafts for more than two weeks. T’journ posts are never so late. Life and me happened. 

I think my journal post this month would be more of a mini rant , based on some stuff that happened during the month.

Pregnancy is for nine months. It’s not a one day event. God is a good God and is organized(we can see that from creation and all other works of his hands). It’s possible for woman not to know she is pregnant till 4months, sometimes 5months. I’ve watched some program on tv, it was a foreign program(forgotten the name)where the lady didn’t know she was pregnant till she went into labour. Was a very funny story. I’ve not heard of that experience in our society however. So most times even though some may not be aware that they are pregnant early enough,they still find out ahead of time  and have a couple of months to prepare.


: the activity or process of making something ready or becoming ready for something

: things that are done to make something ready or to become ready for something

Yes, some pregnancies are unplanned,but once the couple or individual realizes they are pregnant that’s the time to start preparing for the baby. I sincerely do not get how at 9months a couple would present in labour empty-handed. It’s not about hospital bills right now, but the basics..even if it’s one pack of pads, or one set of baby clothes or even a wrapper to wrap the baby. This is kinda a touchy subject, i know, but i just don’t get it. And in recent times the incidence of this seems to be increasing. It irks me more when they are a younger couple. If providing and catering for a baby would be a bit challenging, why not do family planning and prepare for it at some more convenient time?

Sometimes it gets annoying, frustrating and sad. An uneasy mix of emotions. I know the economy isn’t smiling at the moment but still! And another thing about this whole ish that makes its mor annoying , when some people around go the extra mile to help or assist in one or two ways these same folks are not grateful. Some see it as a right and start spewing insults. Sometimes I just taya abeg.

To some lighter news, I attended the WedExpo event that held in Ph. It was my first time at an even of that kind. My friend who owns a fashion line, Neyeka Fashion , was exhibiting and I went to show support.  I was glad I did. It was all colourful with different vendors from wedding planners, decor , makeup, fashion lines, drinks, cakes and other pastries , weaves and hair products (ah I say my beloved cantu leave in there for a cheaper price than I last saw in a shop and grabbed it fast), photographers etc. It was all cool. I look taya. It held at a place called The Hub Center which I never knew existed till that day. see why e good to dey commot sometimes. Well its not just me , my friend who was a vendor at the event also didn’t know the venue till a few days to the event.


She shared a booth with this friendly photography lady – Winnie (spy her in yellow talking to potential clients)
Did I waka pass or did I have one?
Neyeka Fashion Booth
Temptation 101
Some nice scenting soaps made by one pretty lady
The full view of that temptation booth.
One of the decor stands
The streets of the WedExpo

One thing I noticed as I walked around the streets of the expo was there was a natural hair ‘head’ everywhere you turned. It was like a natural hair event. Lol

I found a blog that had an easy ankara DIY notice board using cardboard and I gave it a go. I didn’t have large cardboard at the moment but made do with what I had. And it turned out okay.

DIY Ankara notice board

You can find the link to that here

I’m sure you had a great May. June is halfway gone already, hope it’s been good.


Bubbles of love,



7 thoughts on “T’journ : May

  1. Cake! 😍😍

    I think I’ve heard a testimony like that though. She didn’t know until labour.

    On this helping thing and in gratefulness, I’m just tired. The entitlement that is exuded is just ugh. Tueh.

    1. When people act so ungrateful sometimes I can’t get angry. I just feel sad for them. Cos folks with such attitude don’t seem to go or get far.

  2. The program is called “I didn’t know I was pregnant” , shows on TLC, I really enjoy watching it cus its always intriguing. Nice Expo, very colorful and tempting fa

  3. Preparation – I think that’s something we don’t have in our culture because we usually get a whole community of support. But it’s really sad though and should change ……
    Sometimes we need some though love thy says no to helping us, we go learn to prepare next time😊

    1. My sweerie poraro..
      You’re right ,cos there is some semblance of support people just tend to leave their own responsibilities for others to handle. Its so wrong.

      Thanks babe..glad to ‘see’ you here

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