Happy new month shugars!!
It’s December!!

Feel my excitement?  
December always does that to me. No matter how far I’ve been from my goals for the year , or how crappy I feel the year might have been, something about sniffing the ‘December air’ takes me to a happy place. 
A happy place. 
A thankful place. 
A thankful heart. 
Counting my physical blessings.  
And the non physical ones. 
Oh Lord I can’t explain it but I am so grateful to you!!
I saw the quote below on nikki’s blog..

Forgive yourself. When you wake up late.When you procrastinate.When you fail yourself.When you fail others. When you can’t leave the house.When you’re late paying bills. When you don’t have a job. When you’re failing in school.When you’re not pleasing your parents.When you hurt yourself. When you hurt others.When you lie to yourself. When you lie to others. When you love the wrong person.When you make the same mistake.When you feel defeated. When you lose your temper.When the last time turns into a time again. When you cheat yourself. When you’re not good to yourself.When you don’t have a plan. When you feel hopeless. When you hate yourself. When you’re impatient. When you tell yourself to give up. When you stop believing in yourself. When you lose faith. When you doubt yourself. When you forget to say I love you. Forgive yourself. – unknown

And I fell in love with the words. I read it over again, silently then out loud,repeated the words slowly,digesting it. It just feels apt that I stumbled on it at this time of the year and at this point in my life. 

I don’t get excited about the end of the year because of the festivities, food, and the usual. Truth sef is ,I hardly do much food wise and ‘gallivanting’ wise this period. 
I get excited cos like a bursting dam whose doors are suddenly open, I see again how the Lord has been good to me and mine. God’s goodness just comes rushing at me .
And it’s a time that leads to a fresh start. Each moment is a fresh start,YES…. but there is THE New Year.

Are you excited about the end of the year? Got festive plans? Do share ..

Happy new month again shugars..
Welcome to December ……My month of Thanksgiving!


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