Of Blog Tags and Challenges

Hey Shugars!

How has life been?

I had wanted to do the A – Z challenge but I missed it. I had done it years ago , on my old blog. Its a community of bloggers linking and putting up posts daily in alphabetical  order..each following the alphabet of the day ie 26 posts in all. Well, I still wanted to do some challenge so surfed around. I found two I felt inclined towards. Not sure which I would do or start with.


Blog habits
Who’s joining me?


images (1)
I love this one..

I also got a Get to Know me tag  nomination from Immanuel (D’Dream) . Will do that soon. Yeah, I’m more likely to do the tag sooner than the challenges.

Do you like tags/challenges? Yes? No? Why? If you were to choose from the two above , which would you choose?


See you soon

Bubbles of love ..




17 thoughts on “Of Blog Tags and Challenges

  1. Lol, ada echo my thought in exactness. That second is for the bravest willing to be extremely vulnerable. I might do the second one though. So when are we starting?

    1. Nice !
      Next month.
      A lil vulnerability wouldn’t hurt. It just might be liberating.
      Would try and do your tag first before the month runs out.

  2. I like the second and I would probably give it a shot sometime. I think you should go with anyone your heart is more inclined with- as you would need to push yourself especially in the mid-sections of the challenge. We’re here to support you though! 🙂

  3. Nice!!! I love the first challenge, the second one is truly for the brave hearts and last time I checked, my heart is still learning to be brave….so when are we starting?

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