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Hey Shugars

Happy new month! Welcome to Joyous June! Like when did the year start?

So , about the 30 day challenge, after some mind back and forth about starting this month or not I decided to ‘just do it’. Doing this is part of me working on consistency.

A little aside, have you taken time to note some things or areas you need to work on? Things that can easily be brushed off but really are important. Stuff like punctuality, consistency , patience, procrastination, etc. Are you currently working on any?

Blog habits
Who’s joining me?


Blog Name   Tamie’s Alcove.

This blog is my second blog. My first blog was on the blogspot platform. I think that was in 2008/2009 , can’t remember. Didn’t write often there but it was from that platform I ‘met’ a number of blogs and had met some other bloggers in real time. I deleted it in 2012/13. Started this last year (actually in June! Just realized that!) , but ported over to WordPress in January.

My blog is a personal blog with not mainstream niche, I  see it as my lil corner on the world wide web to share some of my thoughts.


An Alcove is described as a recess/niche/nook/booth in a wall of a room or a garden, or a small recessed section of a room. It can be used as a reading space ,storing books , prayer place, gardening etc depending on its location. Thats the kind of corner in a house or room you would typically find me. Tucked away with a book or doing some thing else. Tamie’s Alcove is just that, my personal space out there in its own corner!

Check out pictures of different alcoves Here

What’s your blog name and what inspired it?


So I would try to do the challenge daily…but should I miss a day, I would def catch up. And you could also do the challenge if you’re up to it.

Bubbles of love,






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