2 || 20 Tamie facts

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So 20 facts about me?!

Can I get up to 20?? Well leggo..



1. A daughter of the most High God. Adopted into the family by the blood of Jesus , which is the seal on my adoption papers. Tongue talking. Demon chasing.

2.I’m a petite belle.

3. I love my eyes. They are big , white and shiny.

4. Team #CoolCalmCollected and #Introvert

5. Very friendly …despite a ??hard exterior/outlook.



6. Sleep!!! All day… Every day…not.

7. Social media and my fav is Instagram. I enjoy surfing pictures and ready the little stories attached to some posts.

8. Reading. #AllShades. Books, mags, blogs, newspapers etc..  I’m that friend that would stand in front of the notice board and read almost everything pasted on it.

9. Block heels and wedges. #TeamFootComfort

10. Brown skin. There is just something special about that melanin coat.



11. God. My source. Everything I have or am. Really its all about him.

12. Ajiree.  #Obim #aomm

13. Bole and fish!!!! #StraightUpPhBabe. Say no to BoleAndGroundnut.

14. Ice cream! Any flavour! All flavour!

15. Actually I love junk food. But I’m learning to cut down.



16. After watching a movie where twins were separated at birth and later united, I wished for the longest time that I were a twin and would find my long lost half some day.

17. Err I’m from a riverine state and a very riverine community but I can’t swim and I’m kinda scared of it.

18. One of my fondest childhood memories was going to the mangrove with my batallion of cousins to pick perewinkles (isam).

19. One of my worst trips was Gombe to Port Harcourt post Nysc camp with some camp friends. Follow Follow no good.

20. I would love to one day do something really adventurous. Like bungee jumping or the likes.. Some day.

There! I made it.

Oya, share jes one fact about you in the comment section.

Bubbles of love..


22 thoughts on “2 || 20 Tamie facts

  1. Good to have u back Miss Lyrics.
    Big, bright shiny eyes…love them
    LOL @Hard exterior/outlook….take it easy
    Can’t swim either. I dey dread am. Will learn soon sha.
    Phobia for heights, but being at heights these days has helped. The fear don reduce.

  2. Wow.A delightful piece. Even I learnd somthn new bout u tday.Thank God for Tamies Alcove 😉
    U’ll nver find d ice cream bucket.Ever.

    I alwys had (stil do sometimes)a fear of waking up someday and not remembering who I was,my loved ones,where I was or why .Now I do appreciate d role movies play on kids perception of reality (#Note2Self on Parenting 101).My fear derived from there.

    Lovely challenge Mie.

    1. Haha!!
      I will have buckets of ice cream!!
      Yeah, movies some roles in how we see things even as adults. Funny to think you had that fear .
      Thanks babe.. #aomm

    1. Hey Hey..
      Lol..funny thing is i haven’t even tried the bole n groundnut combo, but there is this undeniable knowing that it will be learning work where bole n peppered fish is.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  3. Hi Tamie,

    I like how these 20 facts posts make it easier to know the person behind the blog better.

    I like bole but I’ve never had it with fish before, I wish I could swim. One fact about me- I absolutely dislike predictable romance novels. 🙂

    1. Hey Nedu, thanks !!
      Pls Pls do try bole with fish..its the real deal.
      I don’t know why I thought I was the last person standing who didn’t know how to swim…we boku.
      Aren’t all romantic novels predictable?

  4. hi Tam Tam!!!
    You are not alone, i still struggle with swimming and i wish i could ride a byke like a cruise a car. One adventure i would love to do is sky jump! It sounds scary but i would be fulfilled afterwards, lol

    It;s lovely to get to know you more

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