10 || That trip I would love to repeat.

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Before going on, these blogs  the FAB sister’s blog  and changingpostcodes joined the blog challenge. You should check them out.

So to Day 10- Best trip of your life.

All these best and favorites them sef.

So, I thought about the (few) trips I’ve taken and thought of the one I would love to repeat and topping the list was a short (about 4/5 hours) trip from the Benin city to Port Harcourt.

I had been serving (nysc) in Benin and was returning home to PH for my grandma’s burial that coming weekend. Except  I’m traveling with someone, I keep mostly to myself when on trips..ears plugged with headphones listening to music or watching a movie or reading a book.

I was seated at the back by the window (my favorite position). Before I got into the motions of settling in comfortably and stuffing my ears, the person next to me said hello we exchanged pleasantries and got talking till we got to Ph. Like they say, the rest is history . 🙂

Bubbles of love,







5 thoughts on “10 || That trip I would love to repeat.

  1. Awwwww.
    We found LOVE in a strange place.
    God is amazing sha.
    He must have a good time up there just working our lives as we yield to him

  2. Some experiences you relive in your mind a hundred times over and it never gets old..
    I met my soulmate in d strangest of places. D trip of a lifetime

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