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Favourite childhood book

Sincerely the only one which came to mind was Enid Blyton’s. I didn’t own any, I had some ajebo classmates I always borrowed books from. Aside those, my favourite childhood books will be the  punch and vanguard and thisday newspapers my dad handed over to me to read. And I enjoyed them!

Oya where the ajebo’s at? What was your favourite childhood book?

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10 thoughts on “12 || Childhood books

  1. Omg I had a lot of Enid Blyton books!😂 not on ajebo levels tho. Got it as an award in Pry School. 2packs. So I think that made 18 books if I can remember. So naturally I just loved those series.
    And there’s also Animorphs. An alien series books. 5humans who could morph, saving the world.Hehe all through secondary school I collected them. About like 36editions or so. Oh dear

      1. Well…not like I was crazy about reading books (like I’m guessing you were back then), I usually kind of stumble on most. Which was pretty cool because I didn’t mind reading. I used to be a good student😭

        1. Your guess is right dear! I loved reading from an early age. These days it seems to require more effort.
          Now , i want to stumble on books like you did.

  2. 😂😂

    I’m definitely on the other side then. Hmmm 🤔, now that I think about it, didn’t even have papers to read then.

    Anyhow, Ade the naught little brother (or whatever the title is) comes to mind.

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