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3 Healthy habits

  1. Drink lots of water

This was a big deal for me initially because I didn’t know how to drink water. I could  go a whole day with just an equivalent of one pure water or less. I had to learn , and I’m still learning.

2. Stop late night eating

You know those people that go the kitchen by 10pm to start cooking spag or boiling rice? Or chew bread 1am? Those people eh. But I’ve ‘shanged ‘

3. Eat less red meat.

I do mostly Fish, Chicken, Turkey……then occasionally goat meat. In that order. I Don’t do cow meat, except I’m at a friends or relative’s and it’s a meal i can’t refuse. I just lost the taste for it.

Exercise should have been listed, but i no go lie,its been a while i did any.

What’s one healthy habit you adhere to?

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4 thoughts on “14 || Healthy habits

  1. Myb u should add NO ICE-CREAM to dat list..
    For me it wud be Exercise and mor exercise+eating clean. It think d two qualify as one.
    Don’t give up T

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