T’journ : January

Hello February, its good to meet you!

One month down already. Is it just me or was the month kinda breezy?

January for me  used to be that dry and boring month that I couldn’t wait to be over with ,so the year could actually begin. It used to feel like five months rolled in one. I never really planned anything or looked forward to or expected  anything in the month. I can’t remember feeling ‘happy’ in January.

But this year was different.
I was happy being in January.
I had Joy in my heart!
And I had a great month.
If I must put a finger to this change I would attribute it to the Holy Spirit and his fruit of Joy in my heart. Cos there were no big changes , or surprise  packages placed in my lap..but it just was different.

I love blog hopping. Before it used to be very random. But now i hop with purpose , to those i know i would leave me with  some positive content.

That’s also how i want my space to be. As much as its my personal niche and more about me expressing myself , i want it to be a place where those who stop by would pick up something positive. A no negativity zone.

One blog I LOVE is The FAB sister’s blog . It’s run by a Fab lady Eziaha. Babe has blessed and challenged my life in many ways. A while ago, she put up a post on a study Bible. Check out the post here . As I read the post , I knew I wanted to get it. There was a witness in my spirit.. Hahaha


My new baby

I had expectations. And scripture got fulfilled in my life right here ooo.. You know the bible says the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off.. Mine weren’t. Lol
I had expectations to enjoy a richer bible study life with my new bible.  It’s just being a week and I am doing just that!
Don’t get me wrong. Its not the only bible to boost one’s study of the bible but its a great study tool for me.
NKJV is my first love , then NLT  and now AMP.
I’ve come across quite a number of bible translations and versions but these three just cut it for me. There was this rave about the Message  version , but it never got to me…
In all , its just for one to find a version that speaks to their heart and ask the Holy Spirit to come teach and study with you. That’s what matters.

Another blog i found recently and am loving up is  Stephanie Obi’s. She is an online business coach and I think some more. Whether one is business minded or not , her blog is worth checking out. Learnt a lot from the online vision board party she held in December. Was sold after that.

I had a career interview scheduled in January. But it got postponed. Am looking for forward to the next level in my career. So help me God.

Am still working on getting back my reading groove. The plan is the least I would do per month is one book. I had started one in December but carried it over. Am on the last chapter which is short so I am as good as done. For February I’ve got a book already lined up.

Its titled the Girl Entrepreneurs by Ibukun Awosika. Sharing fresh stories of established and budding businesswomen. The author is a multiple award winning entrepreneur. Her profile is there lit!  Peek the back . I hope to be inspired and learn from it.

Are you currently reading any book? If yes, What inspired your choice ?

This year is loaded! Am excited and ready for the rest of it.

How was the first month of the year for you?

17 thoughts on “T’journ : January

  1. Haa. My january was amazing!
    God was just and still continues being good to me. It started out rough but ended great! I put together a blog planner (for bloggers ) and the reception and reviews has been good!
    I love steph obi, signed up to her newsletter and she never fails to inspire me.

    I blogged about my first month on my blog, in case you’ll like to read it.


  2. My January was blessed but I must confess it felt unusually long ahan ahan! It’s no wonder I almost died of laughter when I saw a meme talk about January ending so we can start 2017 already. Thanks for sharing hun I look forward to getting the book by Ibukun Awosika

  3. January was lovely! It felt ‘holy’ not because it was the first month but because i had this awesome adventure with God, it flooded me with more expectations for the rest of the year.

    For books i am on now. I’d say Tommy Tennys’ God Chasers! Oh my! I have read the book twice now. This is my third trip and still loving it. It has a way of stoking your desire for God i tell ya.

    1. Suo booooooooooooooo
      Awesome adventure with God! That sounds wow! I can only imagine.

      Three times? Interesting. I’ve heard about that book, haven’t read it… I think I should.

      Thanks boo boo, for the show of loff!!

  4. Interestingly, January was half great half meh! i am excited to be alive sha and i know everything will fall in place.
    i love the bible by joyce and i will checkout ibukun Awosika! i totally enjoyed this post!

    1. Lol! @ half meh…
      Yeah, the fact that we are alive is worth being excited about.
      You should check it out, its turning out to be a great read.

  5. I got the sane Bible. But not from Eziaha’s blog. Once I saw the number of people who wanted it, I requested it as my Christmas present. And I got it!
    I hope your February and the rest of your year turns out insanely amazing for you. Take care. I wish you God’s favour in your career and subsequent opportunities.

  6. I saw that bible and I knew I had to drop a comment. Awwwww so you got the bible in hard cover?
    The bible is so pretty and the power in the book is the real business.
    Guess we have something in common, besides owning the same bible …our love for Eziaha.
    I ‘absofrigginlutely’ LOVE her and the. God in her trips me all day, everytime.
    So glad to have stumbled on your blog.
    O! I found something else we have in common, our love for books; RICH books.
    Have read any of francine’s books.

    1. Hey Dee!!
      Your comment tickled me in right places. Firstly I love long comments.. And also all that we have in common .

      I’ve read almost all Francine Rivers books. I don’t think the ones I’ve not read are up five.
      Welcome to my blog!

  7. Jan is still unfolding. As for books, i’ve got spiritually financial related books to read. Books on success, Wisdom, prayer, relationships and management to kick off the year. Hope to get all maybe 12 done withing 6 months. NKjv does it for me, but u cant beat the poetry of kjv….God they spin words sha

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