16|| Thoughts on Education

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I know I’ve been MIA for a while! But I’m back!

So thoughts on Education

I wish I had some big big grammer to express this. But big grammer doesn’t neccesary pass on the message needed. Education is very important. Most times ones first thoughts goes to formal education. For me both formal and informal education are very important. In our environment , I  think too much emphasis is placed on formal education (?job security reason) and not enough on informal education. 

Education isn’t for only one gender. No gender is more deserving of it. I believe both male and female children should be given the same opportunities.

Its never too late to start some form of it. Growing up ,one of my fave radio jingles was one for adult schooling. I once read a story online of a man who was still in school at 80years or so. He didn’t go to school during his early years cos he didn’t have the opportunity..so he went so he could read and write.

These are my core thoughts on education.

What do you think?

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