19||Movie time

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Favorite Movie.

This is hard for me biko.. Movies I like include:

Sci-fi , Comedies, Cartoons, Espionage, then Romance(not the sappy kind).

I watch and forget names and even story lines fast.

Last movie I watched was Heist. Liked it. With over 150 movies on my external I’ve got my own private cinema!

What was the last movie you saw?




10 thoughts on “19||Movie time

  1. Miracles from heaven. Several scenes, i caught myself crying out loud. And because it ends well, the tears were more about HIS FAITHFULNESS!!!

    1. Lol..two industries I struggle to watch their movies….nollywood tires me so fast and bollywood is always so long and sometimes annoying. There are a few share that I ended up liking.

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