28||Some Embarrassment

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Most Embarrassing moment

Hmm..*thinking *

I’ve not really had crazily embarrassing moments that I remember. But one moment that I wished  the ground would open and  swallow me that comes to mind was during my final year seminars.

Once it is a gathering of more than 3/4 persons I used to be really shy. Still am, but not as bad. I didn’t like attention or all eyes on me kinda situations. We were grouped in fives for the seminars. So like 3people presented the topics, the remaining 2 manned the computer and slides presentation and were on ground for questions. We all iwould stand together on the platform so it wasnt that bad. It had all been going well till the last seminar. The lecturer who was in charge of that seminar said each individual would a solo talk on the presentation. As if that was not enough , because I was the one working on the slides I was the last to present. My colleagues had all stepped down and I was alone on the platform with more than 100 pair of eyes on me. I wan faint! And lecturer bros went on to say I should kuku recap the whole presentation. Till tomorrow I can’t remember jack of what I said but as I finished the whole class and lecturer were clapping. All that was on my mind was getting off that stage asap.

Of course I’ve fared better in presentations after that. #RecoveringShyolic

Maybe the time I came close to ‘shiting’ on my self on a trip from Benin to ph would have been the most embarrassing moment for me. But this God in heaven, saved me! Hahaha!

Ever been sorely embarrassed before ? Share… Share…

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