T’journ June

Happy Mid Year !

*err permit me to join my country men, who add happy to uncommon days/events. Happy Sunday, Happy Monday, Happy Pubic Holiday, Happy New everything* Initially this used to irk me, especially Happy Sunday.. But I got used to it and joined the wagon a few times.

So , again , Happy Mid year!

Its six months signed off from the year so far and the remaining already running off.

June was a month of mixed emotions for me. I got very sad and very happy. I like happy endings so will talk about the sad moments first.

You know one of those tragic stories one hears on the radio or reads in the newspapers (The Sun especially), yeah, one of that kind happened to a family member.

My aunt went to market and where she sat in the market got killed by a stray bullet from a police officer’s gun. It was the typical story of a police man hassling a driver for money and trying to shoot the guy’s tyre and the bullet hitting another target. Coincidentally she was also a police officer , who was to be promoted this month to an ASP. This was a big loss to me and my immediate family. I lived with them the first month I got my job and hadn’t moved to my own place. The day it happened I couldn’t sleep , kept hearing her voice in my head. Its been a big blow but I’m very very grateful to God how he has upheld us through this. Really strength comes from God. She was such a rock and this news felt like it would break the family but God has been there through it all. There has been so many police visits and meetings and autopsy and all that but God has really strengthened her children and husband.

A day after this incident something happened in my church. After service a guy received a call (got to know later that it was some bad news, he had lost someone) and slumped. From where I was sitting having a meeting I  saw it happen and we felt maybe its hypoglycaemia. People around him rallied , took him into the office, took  off his suit and all that. Few minutes later , one of them beckoned and I went to see what was really up. He was unconscious on the chair and supported by two guys. I checked his pulse and there was nothing. There was no respiratory effort, chest was quiet, no pulse. Some leaders tried to pass communion but couldn’t. He was just gone. Our pastor in charge was inform and he came, he prayed, rebuked the spirit of death , and the guy jerked, took a deep breath and started breathing again. I had heard so many near death and death stories/testimonies but never really known anyone personally. It all looked like a scene from a movie. I really bless God for restoring his life.

At the beginning of the year I had somethings written down that I wanted to do or start this year and I realized I ticked a number of them this month. I started driving lessons (finished it now ,and the crippling fear I had is nowhere to be found), finished the online course I had started (this made me happy cos at some point I got so tired of it all), and I got the release I had been believing God for from my board to start my residency program. I was so excited and so nervous at the same time. I think more nervous Lol. You know the feeling of “wow this is here, can I do this?”

It’s good to have that one or two persons that can tell you, babe relax you’ve got this. I’m so so grateful to God for my love,Aj. I can worry about my ability to do something for Africa..but he would always say babe you can do this….you should do it….you would make it. There is that confidence that come from those words. A statement he made just got stamped in my head – ” Please don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from being a better person”. That statement rang plenty bells in my head and helped me push aside some worries.

Aside work and church and a few random outings I’m a typical home body. And I usually turn down some requests to do some stuff I won’t normally do. A sister and friend in church who is an OAP on Rhythm and has a night show for ladies had been inviting me to come on the show for some months. I had been turning her down. She made the request again recently and I made the ‘mistake’ of mentioning it to Aj and long story cut short I found myself in the studio. And guess what? It was fun! It was my first time being in a radio station and studio. It was an interesting experience. I tried recording it to listen to how I sounded (Lol) but forgot to save it so I lost the recording. A friend and a colleague who listened in said I sounded cool. Haha.. I think I like OAPs work. And yeah I would go with ease next time I get invited.

June was a mixed emotions month. In all I’m so fateful to God. The last week of the month got me in thanksgiving mode. I haven’t gotten all I thought I would or done all I want but like Papa Abraham I give God the glory, still believing Him for better things to come.

How was the month for you? How has the first six months been? If for any reason you feel the year is half gone and you haven’t gotten all you want I’ll leave you with this scripture :

Rom 4: 18-21

18.Even when there was no reason to hope, Abraham kept hoping-  believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him that’s how many descendants you will have.

19. And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though, at about 100 years of age , he figured his body was as good as dead and so was Sarah’s womb.

20. Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact his faith grew stronger and in this he brought glory to God.

21.He was fully convinced that God is going to do whatever he promises. 

He is (still)  able!

Have a lovely month of Perfection.

And welcome to the countdown to the best month in the year… 🙂

Bubbles of love


PS: I just realized I like reading long posts but don’t like writing them.

PPS : I had some pics (like my learner driver selfie moments) to attach to this post oh..but laziness got the best of me. Emabinu.

21 thoughts on “T’journ June

  1. I experienced a wide range of emotions reading this post. Anger, Sadness, Joy… I’m sorry for your loss. May the rest of the year bring you greater testimonies, even as you work to achieve your other goals.

  2. oooooo sorry abt ur loss hun, am glad God has been such a succor for you and your family. Praise be to God who restored the life of that man, it would have just been a waste and bad press for the church. Congrats on your acquired driving skills, I now have one more friend I can harass to drive me around 😁😁😁

    1. Thanks suz..
      I thank God for everything.
      It wouldnt have been a good thing had the story of the young man was different.

      🙂 oya fasten ya seatbelt, leggo

  3. Really sorry about your aunt. May the Holy Spirit comfort you and the remaining members of your family. I thank God for that man’s life. His work on earth is not yet done.

    1. Amen. Thanks Atilola.

      As I replayed the events later that day, I was thanking God that he got the call in the church and not on the way home. Cos then he would have been alone and no one knows how it would have all played out.
      He sure still has things to do here.

  4. Sorry about your loss, I pray that God continues to strengthen you all.
    I’m glad the man came out ok, tis such a great testimony.
    Your first PS made me laugh, you should write more long posts, this was a very pleasant read.

    1. Thank you Ada..

      Now i know what its like when I urge others to write longer posts.But I guess some of ya have grace for writing longer. Lol
      Thank you dear.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss, accept my heartfelt condolence. May God strength be abundance enough to bear the loss.

    Seriously and I repeat seriously, seriously you need to begin to write long posts o. Maybe I need to send enough pack of pens for the task ahead
    And yes lest I forget, Happy Sunday

    1. Thank you D’D

      I wish await the delivery of the pen stack, while considering that need to write longer posts.

      You couldn’t let it slide abi? Lol. Oya Happy Monday Morning!

  6. So much to be thankful for. D lil’ favors, d ‘big’ blessings, even d disappointments, all are divinely orchestrated for our good and HIS Glory.
    Lost a very close relative in June too in d most brutal manner-Fulani herdsmen leaving bhind a little boy. So I can relate.Still,we learn everyday to trust HIS Plan even thru the pain.

    Am thankful for a good woman too. Who isn’t afraid to grow anymore.

    Intresting to know July only serves as a countdown to ‘dat oda’ month for U. We’ll, we waiting too 😉

    Luvly piece Mie

    1. Still we learn everyday to trust His plan even through the pain.
      I’m grateful for the promise of His comfort towards us..

      Different moments count as different things ….Some only serve as count down moments. Lol

  7. Tamie, thank you so much for sharing. Thank you also for the scripture attached, sometimes we need to be reminded of Gods faithfulness

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