New Morning

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth
His mercies never come to an end
They are new every every morning
Great is thy faithfulness oh Lord 
Great is thy faithfulness..

Growing up,during the family morning devotion ,the song above used to be my mum’s favorite. I didnt really like the song. And sometimes i got tired of singing it every day.

Years later while on my own in school,i grew to love the song .
There were days i woke up and didn’t know what to pray or say and this song will come to mind and just sing it over and over and over. Sometimes with accompanying tears.

Someone once said we resurrect everytime we wake up from a state of sleep. When deeply asleep we are not aware of our surrounding..we really don’t have control on the exact moment we fall asleep or wake up. We don’t have control nor know if we would even wake up from that sweet sleep. We just drift off.
In the last six months two young vibrant men i know , both less than 30 years with no prior health challenges went to bed and never woke up..

I have been guilty ..severally…of just waking up and rushing off to start my day without saying “Father,thank you for the gift of sleeping and waking up..for the gift of a new morning”  .
It is a gift  . Free gift.

Take time every morning to say thank you to the who gave you that sweet sleep and woke you up. If you sleep and don’t wake up,whatever you were rushing off to that seemed too important would go on without you.. #FACT

It’s a new month! 8 months of the year gone…4 months to go..
Have a beautiful September !!

Peace and love.
Tamie ..

7 thoughts on “New Morning

  1. Tamie, you blog is a breathe of fresh air
    It's sad that we take life for granted and funny enough when faced with a near-death situation (e.g, an accident) that's when we remember that there is a God to call upon
    I make it a point of duty to say a word of prayer before letting my feet down from the bed even if it's just “Thank you Lord for giving me life today”

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