T’Journ: July



So July was kinda interesting..
Yeah,it was an interesting month. It felt like a month of new beginnings for me.
I finished my driving classes on the 4th of July and booked for my final test. I had done the mock test last month and did okay. The final test was the koko.
I called my instructor and booked a date for the test. I was kind of nervous. On the fixed day, I got to the centre and there was talks of moving it to another day. Mbok, I didn’t want to hear that one. I just wanted to get done with it. Finally, it was agreed I would do it that day. There was one major part of the test that I was nervous about. The reversing drill. Not just reversing, but one kind kurukere reversing. What they do is, they set up those orange cones (don’t know what they are actually called- traffic cones, i think) on a hilly road and in a C shape and the trainee reverses down the hill through the cones without hitting any. And one has got only two tries to do it right.

Ace Center Driving Education Center


The ride
One of those days..Instructor -buying engine oil. Trainee -taking selfie. All join.


During the mock test I had failed it a couple of times. I always ended up hitting at least one of them. I had tried it with both manual and automatic cars. I did it better when I used the manual trainee car. The day of final test it was an automatic car available and It was raining pra pra that day. Anyway we got started with the test. All was going well, and it kinda felt too good to be true lol. Then I got to a narrow road and didn’t quite estimate the size of the car I was driving and the other car coming out and I cut in too widely.. my examiner groaned lol.. we continued and got to the hill spot. A part of me was praying that seeing as it was raining, the instructor bros would not want to come out and set up the cones and would just tell me to freestyle the reversing. Whoosai! Le bros came down in the rain and set up and said oya drive.

I just said Holy Spirit help me. That was all I could do at that point. I started, I didn’t look forward to see if I had hit any I just continued downhill and held my breathe till I got to the end of the cones. Then I looked forward to see how many I had hit. Oh tamie of extra-large faith!.
Men and brethren I nailed it! i didn’t hit half sef.  If not that it was raining, I would have come down and would have done a deserving victory dance. The instructor couldn’t even tell me well done good and faithful driver, he just boned up. Omo, I didn’t send him, I was just in high spirits as we drove back. And tharris how I passed my driving test oh. Umu Chineke ekele diri Chineke!
So driving classes done and dusted. I don’t have a car yet at my disposal but I have my sister’s own to use till I get mine, hopefully very soon.

I had a ‘cooking day in’ with my friends Suo and Janey .. was really cool. We got to try some things we hadn’t tried on our own. We ended up making Banana Ice cream, Cream corn soup, Puff Puff, Coconut Flour Pancakes, and some grilled Chicken. It was a chop belle full day.

I made a big change of moving to a new apartment and area. This was a big change for me. Changes always make me nervous and this was no exception. I had kinda lived in a sheltered environment and this move made me feel like a ‘real’ adult. Like I was just stepping into the real world for the first time. I really started understanding paying bills!! At some point it was scary but I thank God and I’m grateful for the next level. I’m also grateful for the years that were free of rent, nepa bills and all the other new responsibilities. #Growth
I also started my residency program, which was the main reason behind the move. Having being outside an active academic setting for some years I feel very rusty up there. But God dey. He’s always always always got my back. So no shaking. I was so worried about my first day and kept stalling… lol… it kinda reminded me of my first day during house-job. I got started anyway and its been okay. Learning and relearning every day. The week I started, the team I was assigned to was on weekend call so I got my first weekend call.thankfully it all went okay.


You know, every single action we take has a reaction. We may not immediately see them. some take  days, months or even years but still react. Sometimes we don’t really see the reactions cos they aren’t really significant but other times they come right back and lace our cheeks with some slaps. This weekend I sadly watched some ladies who made some poor choices they thought as smart at the time receive some hard slaps. They were both in labour and needed emergency surgeries. Woman A’s story was, she ate the thirty thousand her hubby gave her to register for antenatal,got some complications during the late pregnancy stage which now resulted in her needing an emergency surgery  to save her baby and her life. Woman B’s story.. funny, she had presented and the doctors had told her she couldn’t push as the baby was too big and her pelvic too small. She absconded from the hospital and came back 24 hours in obstructed labour. At this point she was begging for the surgery. Fine, surgery was booked but the husband didn’t have enough money on him and went out to get some. The lady started lamenting of how she has some money hidden in the house and wasnt ready to tell her husband where it was. Long story cut short surgery was done about 7 hours later and baby needed plenty resuscitation. None of these were funny situations as they were unfolding. What immediately came to my mind was poor choices and i couldn’t help but think of my own life and the choices I’ve made or I’m making.
You know it’s a bit amusing to me when people describe me in their own words. I feel like they are talking about somebody else and not me. I’m recently learning to sincerely believe in myself and to genuinely accept compliments and positive feed backs. I am learning. So much to learn. Are there times people describe you and you wonder if they talking about you or someone else?

I really wanted to post this yesterday..but didn’t go with my laptop and recently posting from my phone hasn’t been so smooth. Dunno why. But going forward i would like my journal posts to end with the month. And i pray i can sit still and push some other things sitting in drafts out…so it wouldn’t all be journal posts on here. So help me God!

August is here! They year is sure sailing.

How was July for you? What one thing would you remember it for?

Cheers to a beautiful August. Its my birth month and naturally my favourite month of the year. So, go have a lovely month on behalf of me and Barack Obama (my birthday mate). haha..#AugustFamzin’

Bubbles of love..




11 thoughts on “T’Journ: July

  1. the driving part got me laughing we just have to have faith both for the small and big tins. It’s also my birth month. happy bday in advance.

  2. So the do proper driving examination in this country? haaaa
    always thought everything was basically wuruwuru! it is well.

    Congrats on passing the test. Your month sounded truly ok. I wish I could have fun like that.

    1. Lol @ proper
      Well I guess so..
      Fun?? I wouldn’t have described it as fun..Lol I look forward to real fun like traveling, movies, nice dinners, some adventures etc
      Someday. .

  3. Hmmmm, you sound like the prim and proper chic (thats me discribing you and you wondering if i’m referring to you ba)
    I never got to do any driving test, i got frustrated with my teacher who was always quick to scold and shout (i do not learn tht way) so i stopped and waited till i got my own car. Now i can drive from Lagos to Enugu.

    My July was awesome and adventurous. I celebrated my birthday, got an advanced degree and traveled for summer to Dubai. You can check out my blog; http://www.homeworthinteriors.com/blog/

    Happy birthday in advance and make sure to have loads of fun in this month of yours

    1. No be small prim and proper chic! Oh nkem I had a good laugh.
      Lag to enugu..Ah, ya a boss driver ni ..
      Way to go! So many awesome stuff you had going in July!
      Thanks so much

  4. This got me laffing: The instructor couldn’t even tell me well done good and faithful driver, hahahaha

    Congrats on your successful driving final test hun.
    Happy for all the successes and new beginnings you recorded in July, August will bring you more pleasant surprises and happy returns in Jesus name.

    You’re right about the consequences of our choices/actions always coming back for us even if it takes months or year. I did a post on that earlier in the year. You may check it out here – https://distinguishedlives.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/options-and-choices/

    Wishing you a Fruitful and Fulfilling August. *sorry for the long comment*

    1. Dee!!!!
      I love long comments !
      My dear I’m grateful to God for all the small and big successes he granted.
      Amen to your prayer!
      Checking the post out.
      Thanks sis.

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