T’Journ: August

Hey Hey Shugars


AUGUST My month

Barely a week I started my new program, Resident doctors in my center went on strike. Yes, there was a time I was happy when I heard strike (I know that sounds terrible but forgive me, most of those moments I was a sleep deprived house officer…yeah, I know its still not enough excuse), but this wasn’t one of those times I felt “cool “about a strike. And the strike didn’t really involve me as I am not a mainstream FG resident but I still got looped in. Was kinda like a case of the thumb having a whitlow and affecting the function of the hand in general. Strikes of any kind aren’t healthy, period. It’s just sad that a lot of times that’s what is resorted to here.
I wouldn’t go into the drama, no, the joke that is the Nigerian health care system today. Maybe some other day. I was actually to take my annual leave in August but as I switched programs the leave was to be lost.. well I still got my “leave” handed to  me courtesy the strike.
My birthday was one of the quietest ever. Naturally I’m not the party kind. I think my last REAL birthday party was when I was 10. Sometime in medical school (year 5 I think) I was hemi demi semi forced to mark it… and had some form of student party. After that I don’t think I’ve had any real birthday ‘marking’. Most years all I do is have cake and drinks for the friends or well-wishers who might come around. This year I had no plans for that. I didn’t want to get a cake. All I wanted was a bucket of ice-cream and peppered chicken, coil up on my sofa and watch movies. I eventually dragged myself outta the house to go see a movie (Central Intelligence ….Kevin Hart is such a joker!!) with a friend. Later on, I got my big bowl of ice cream and peppered gizzard. It was really just my kinda day.. I’m grateful to God for so many things but, on that day I was grateful to Him for the ones he gave me as loved ones (family and friends inclusive). Some seemingly little actions and thoughts just go a long way to gladdens ones heart.

ze birthday gurl

I had these twist outs( my first actually) and loved loved it! and couldn’t resist some selfie moments.

Ive always wanted to have some colour in my hair, but the moment never really came. Well, what felt like the moment came around and I went for it. I wanted some purplely colour but didn’t find the shade I wanted. So I bought a red colour and a brown to tone it down. The deep pinky result I got after mixing them was a bit scarry and I was scared about ending up with the colour permanently, so didn’t sit for too long. I actually had to do two touch ups cos the first didn’t even take at all,hair was still black like charcoal. After the second touch up, I was left with some brownish hues which I loved. This is my first time dying my hair, and though it didn’t get the initial colour I wanted I loved my results. I dunno if its just me but it left my hair softer eh!! My hand in hair syndrome tripled after dyeing. Its either the dye or a new glycerine oil I added that I have to thank for the softness. I didn’t know what to expect with my natural hair journey but I am loving it.

First go
My stubborn black hair refused to take colour
Second go


Finally some colour! Brown hair!

I got a birthday/gift bouquet from my friend Jane. She is developing a line of handmade body and bath treats. Do check her out on IG @dewofhermon_handmade.

I’ve only tried the Sheavocado hair and body butter and I absolutely love it. its so soft and creamy. as an ex-butter licking person( yeah i used to be that person who will sit down with a tub of blue band or some other butter and have a field day), I was tempted mehn.

Some other products from Dew of Hermon body and bath treats.


My aunty was laid to rest within the month. Aside my grandparents and one first cousin, I haven’t attended any other burial ceremonies. There was such a downpour that day but turnout of people was just something else. I was just pondering on how such a quiet woman could pull such a crowd even in death. As hard as this blow was, it was God who gave the family as a whole the strength to go through the whole weekend. And it brought a unity I had never seen before in my mum’s family. In all, to God be the glory.
Every last weekend of the August is the women convention in my church. This year it was decentralized and held in various zones of the country.


I was happy oh… cos it meant I didn’t need to travel to Lagos and my new place is very close to the HQ which was the venue of the convention. It was a much needed charging for me. There is something about women gathering and fellowshipping together. Especially praying together. I enjoyed every session.

I was to pickup my readings, i actually started but dropped off. Here is to fresh reading zeal in September .

How was the awesome month of August for you?

Bubbles of love,



8 thoughts on “T’Journ: August

  1. lol@wanting the strike. I won’t lie, there was a time I would wish for strike especially when I’d been stressed out like kilode!! The calls etcetra wasn’t my thing but it’s not an excuse for the health sector to go on like you said. I pray Nigeria gets better. I’m sure you are making maximum use of your time. Times like this, you might just see ideas springing up or better said, drawing close to God more and more.
    Your soap picture was such a beauty! As If I should try the soaps myself. They look yum. Ah you used to lick blue band, your own was still good. Me I was licking morgan hair cream as a child and would be sure no one catches me because I felt it was sweet but getting caught won’t be nice. lol.
    Your birthday sounds like something I won’t mind doing either. Sitting with a bucket of spicy chicken and blue bunny icecream while wrapped up in a blanket watching a movie, Disney perhaps.
    Sorry about your aunt. I pray God strengthens and consoles her family. It is well.
    See the way you’re just glowing in this your selfie pic sef. lol.
    Oya let me go before I type epistle. xo!

    1. And I love epistles! Who doesnt?
      Sadly I haven really been making good use of my time. *palms face*
      I’m repenting.
      Nigerian health sector is blessed. Very blessed.
      Hair cream!!! Yes I’m screaming some. I wish they caught you doing that. Lol!
      Amen. Thanks for your prayer.
      Cheers twinnie

  2. Awwww, love your dye selfies… Tempting me to dye ma hair too, hehe.

    Sorry about your aunt… God will continue to comfort and sustain you and her family.

    Praying they call off the strike soonest, you’ve observed your leave already, lol. More seriously though, it’s lives that are at stake here, may God touch our leaders to do the right thing.

    1. Thanks dear.
      I like dew of Hermon products too. Having used a couple, I can say they are lovely as they look.
      So you use just liquid soaps?
      Lol @ being braver. I didn’t know I could colour my hair till I did it.

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