T’journ: September

Hey shugars….

It’s the ‘Embers!

Its got to be just us Nigerians that refer to the last four months of the year as ember months . Shebi? But October is not exactly ember sef. Oh well,  sha Welcome to the ‘mba’* season (*guess which accent)

How was your first ember month?

My dear brethren do you pray for Nigeria?  Please add some specific prayer points about each sector of our country including the health sector. Yes, sadly the strike is still on. Two months now and counting.  It is paining me plenty,especially in my case where my study leave period is just counting and ‘wakaring ‘.

You may be wondering, or not, what I’ve been doing with my time. I didn’t feel the strike last month (August)  cos I had lots of things to do and it was like a much needed time.  But this month,my dear brothers and sisters..i’ve been doing nothing! Well,  I’ve been eating,  sleeping,  eating,  sleeping, eating, sleeping then,  reading, watching movies, occasional outings or visiting, church events…Dazall!. I’ve also been thinking plenty…. Too much free time makes one think plenty. A few people have commented that I’m adding weight and I’m not that happy abourrit. It took me getting a meal plan and shaper( won it on IG during a giveaway)  early in the year to loose my unwanted weight which I had acquired from unhealthy eating habits. I had stopped using the meal plan and shaper when I got to a size I was good with. But this new sedentary lifestyle is threatening that. I’m exercise lazy. So I need to go back to work (my gym 💪) . My petite frame doesn’t need any extra weight. Before I find myself registering for E’s next class .


Since I big chopped and went natural in April,  I’ve been free styling with my hair and not really doing much styling to it. I had my first salon visit to a natural hair salon and I loved the results. I had two strand twists done. I’m not very sure what typing my hair falls under but it has two distinct patterns. I would say the front is 4a and the back 4c. The curl latter in front is so cool. It might even be type 3 sef.

First look who’s hair is growing. Slow and steady.

I had the pleasure of doing a hair dye job on my friends hair.  And we both loved the results even Tho blonde/brown isn’t exactly my colour.



I saw this poster on instagram and I jumped. Something to take me out!  And the speakers lined up. I knew I wouldn’t miss it.  My friend also had a stand at the exhibition area. As an aspiring entrepreneur each session I attended made maximum sense!  Especially those by Dr Anthony van Tonder, Fela Durotoye, Pastor Uche Onozie (the convener)……..

And it we all free.. No entry registration fees. The exhibitors however paid for their stands. I also got to know they hold monthly sessions/trainings. #Noted

God bless the Market Place Apostles Empowerment Foundation. Find them Here

I had defaulted on my reading. But with time o my hands I slowly picked up again. Both academic and non academic.

This was a second time read. And made more meaning than when I first read it years ago.
Loved this read! Dame  Salt was a party to me getting this.
A gift from Dame Salt. Started but yet to finish

For October I would like to do more academic readings and then one or two Fiction. So help me God.

Did you have a piggy bank growing up?  Well it was ‘saving box’ I knew it as back then.  I had one as a child. It wasn’t pink and shaped like a pig 🐷…. It was a neat wooden box where my mum made me put the money I was ‘dashed’ that got to my hand.  You know it’s not all money that a child is given that actually gets to their hands.  I was passing by a carpenters shop in December last year and saw one. I bought it. N300. Covered it up in some Ankara Fabric.  Afric-Saving box. I had a one year plan Dec-Dec.  I also decided to put only 1k or 500..no lesser denominations. Got a plan online to follow. But life happened and I couldn’t follow it. So I just freestyled. Even if it was once a month. Any seemingly extra 1k entered there.  And the box was such that once in, fogerrit unless you wanna break it. Someone told me she uses broom to still bring out the money.  I had a good laugh! The opening on mine was very slim tho. I had no plans on what to use the money for, I didn’t tag it to a specific need.  I was more curious about how much I would have saved by it.  Occasionally I would shake the box, as though from the sound I can tell how much is in it.  I must confess I wasn’t regular. I went weeks before remembering it sometimes. Fast forward to this month I needed to ‘spare’money to do some things. Enter saving box!  I was very curious. Like when I was younger, my mum had the honours of breaking the box. She actually followed my steps and got one too early in the year.  She’s still sticking to Dec to open hers.


Guess how much?

Humour me and take a guess. The right answer will get a gift.  A free e-book most likely. It’s reading season. The answer would be in my next post.

I got to take a train ride! It was from Port Harcourt to Aba. I had never been on one and just thought to do it and cut the bad roads and traffic I would have encountered. It was an experience indeed.

It was meant to be a two hours trip. But was a bit longer than that because there were many stops along the route. It really was an experience. This post already feels so long so might do a separate post on the trip.



Have you ever had a train ride here in Nigeria? What was yourexperience like? If you haven’t, do you think you might try it out some day?

It was independence yesterday. Happy independence to my country, Nigeria. My heart gets heavy each time I think of my country, and I pray more for her now than I ever did.



Whenever it seems like you’ve got nothing positive to think or say about Nigeria, just say a prayer for the nation. Or just recite the above anthem.

The year is really winding down. Feels so fast. Ready for December?

Do have a beautiful October.

Bubbles of love ,




11 thoughts on “T’journ: September

  1. Looking forward to December… I’m so over this year!! I have never entered a train before o. Was it fast? or slow? 2 hours what would’ve been the difference if you took the road? Anyways your hair looks amazing and I guess about 20-30k (izz nor like you wee give me part of it if I get it right o)

    1. Lol…
      Two months to go babe…be patient hahaha
      It was my first time on the train too.
      The road trip is about 1:45mins. But with bad roads and traffic it usually is more than that. So I think it was fair when comparing the time.
      It was ‘fast’ as it could be. But slower down when in towns and crossing roads.
      Thanks for complimenting mi hair!
      I jes might give you part of the money …he he he thanks for guessing.

  2. Hi Tamie,

    I enjoyed reading this post. Lol @ “guess which accent”

    I should by a copy of Arese’s book, I’ve been seeing great reviews.

    I love the idea of the piggy bank box, it’s a great way to save. I’m guessing N15,500. XD

    1. Nedu,hello!
      I’m sure you know the accent.
      You should. Its a grew read and with great financial lessons.
      Its such a simple way to save towards something.
      I’ve replaced it already.
      Lol @ the ‘,500’.

  3. Yay! You took the train trip! 😀 (without me) 🙁 Sorry about the strike dear, it’ll soon be over. We’ll continue praying for Nigeria. Nice hair! It’s really growing fast. It’s always a joy to see your posts! 😀

  4. Love your hair Tamie… Lemme start from there, lol.
    I also love everything about this long post.

    Really sad that the strike is still on, just have to up my prayers for our dear country.

    Never been on a train before… And I’ve never had a piggy bank, imagine!
    I think I need to adopt the piggy bank to save up money for some project, may not keep it for a year though… Lemme start first, lol.

    My wild guess on how much you saved? 25k, hehehe.

    1. Dee love, thanks!
      You should try the train ride. Even of its once.
      Oh and yeah, a piggy bank/ savings box can be a different way to save up towards a particular need. Lol. Exactly just start first ,you never know.
      I like your wild guess. Answer coming soon! Hehehehe

  5. Nice post. No train rides yet n had a piggy bank with a secret chamber. So that didnt last either. As for our “Jerusalem”, i put in a word as often as i remember. It can never be enough to set us on the mountain top. My guess on the amt wud be btw 15-30k?

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