Hey shugars

How you doing?

It’s been a lil quiet in here despite my good intentions to be more regular at blogging.

Oh well!

Some donkey months ago DD ( D’Dream) tagged me in a Get to know me post. I promised to do it. Mentally started, but life happened. Well I’m here to do that.


Before I get on with that I remember my question in my last post; the guess on how much I got from my saving box…. Thanks to all who guessed, though no guess was close. I had saved up 50,500. Yes! I was surprised, did a happy dance and spent the money instanta. And yeah I’ve replaced the saving box already.


Now, on to the Get to know me tag.


NAME: Tamie (it’s a variant of my full vernacular name)

NICKNAMES: Currently, None!

Well, I had at different times given myself some, they include sparkle (most often used, contained in two of my emails), glow (derived from my English name), twinkle (least used, used on some old social media profiles). What’s with the “shine” names? Don’t ask me.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Pitakwa aka Poracot aka Garden city aka Port Harcourt City, Rivers state, Nigeria





BEST FRIEND: Never had one.

AWARD: Can’t remember if I’ve had one. I think I have but for some reason can’t remember.

REAL HOLIDAY: Are there fake holidays?

Well, the first holiday I thoroughly enjoyed as a child was the time I traveled to my mum’s village and was allowed to join my cousins and go to the mangrove and pick periwinkle and also swim in the river. I had longed to have that experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It turned out to be the first and only time.

CONCERTS: Do school musical concerts count?





*My first thoughts were to link my I don’t do favorites post…. But ….

FILM: This is hard so I will say every cartoon or animation movie that I’ve watched twice or more e.g. happy feet, ratatouille, Mulan, Shrek, all versions of ice age,

TV SHOWS Currently the blacklist and dark matter

COLOUR: *singing* the sky is BLUE baby!!!!! I also love black and recently green.

SONG: This is hard mehn, too numerous to mention. Current love First by Lauren Daigle

RESTAURANT: Err, not really a restaurant hopping bella oh. I would say Blue Elephant, GRA Port Harcourt.

BOOKS: Hard. Hard. Hard. You see why I don’t do favorites? It’s so hard to choose!

Mark of the lion series by Francine Rivers would forever make my favorite books list, then Ted Dekker”s earlier books like blink, blessed child, a man called blessed.






SINGLE OR TAKEN: Since I think this question is wrong, I will say both.

EATING: Nothing

WEARING: *skip*

WATCHING: My laptop screen




WANT CHILDREN: YES, twin boys and a girl!!

WANT TO GET MARRIED: Yes na, after which the twins will show.

CAREERS IN MIND: In mind abi- OAP, Travel Guide, Librarian

WHERE YOU WANT TO LIVE: Somewhere surrounded by nature and quiet.






GHOSTS: Yes; One lives in me




YOURSELF: Learning to…


Congratulations you now know 10% about Tamie…a few more tags and it may be 100%.

You are tagged! Yes you!


Bubbles of love,


12 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. #heartbreak – Glo shouldn’t I be in the best friend position 😊

    Between wasn’t out friendship love – love at first sight? Lol

    1. Hahahahahaha…
      You’re very right, you know, O’baby.

      I’ve never had a ‘best friend’ …despite wanting one badly as a teenager…outgrew that need…then became to scared to have one..or be one.
      Stepping behind the curtains of vulnerability, you actually are my best friend.
      And I love you scarra.

  2. Luvly &daring piece. It’s intresting gettn 2 know u agn, albeit ‘10%’. It’s enlightening, every section,esp d ur current. Av learned a thing or 2.

    Thanx 4 sharing Tamie

  3. “FILM: This is hard so I will say every cartoon or animation movie that I’ve watched twice or more e.g. happy feet, ratatouille, Mulan, Shrek, all versions of ice age,”

    Yaaaas to Anime films!


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