The 4th of August : Keep calm, The Lord has done me well!!

Each year when it comes around this time and I sit back and look at my life, I always come to this conclusion –
If I had a million tongues

it wouldn’t be enough to thank my God, my Source for the uncountable blessings,love,favour and mercy he has showered on me daily.
There has been scars..
There has been worries..
There has been tears..
There has been disappointments
Thought it all, the Lord has been good!
There has been victories..
There has been successes..
There has been joy unspeakable..
There has been bubbling laughter..
Through it all it had been the Lord!
No one else. 
Am grateful for family, friends, acquaintances, destiny helpers etc 
Above all am grateful for the gift of life..
Grateful for my salvation..
Grateful that God loves me and I love Him. 
The song writer says to count your blessings…but I can’t count mine. 
Them boku!!
Happy Birthday to me!
Oh, and to #BarakObama : )
Hugs and Kisses. 

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