Still here

Hey shugars shugars.. *wide grin in place*

How are we all doing??

I look at the date of my last post and I shake my head at myself,literally. I can’t believe I abandoned my space for that long. Chai. It wasn’t intentional sha. Like I would always say,  life happened.  I missed being here. I missed bloghopping.

I won’t like oh,  it crossed my mind to shut down the blog. I didn’t like the feeling of abandonment (of the blog)  that tugged at me once in a while.  I’m sha here now. I’m not making any promises, I’m just going to take it jeje.

Life really had been happening and for me that constituted majorly work. Work resumed in earnest after the strike. Seeing as I had just spent a week before the strike,  it felt again like first day /week on the job following resumption.

I like scrubs. And like that i spend most of my ‘real’ work time in them. They are comfortable for all the ‘waka’.
What I do not enjoy is when I have to change multiple times. Like when I need to leave the theatre to go to the wards, or department etc. The whole changing thing can be tiring.
I never thought anaesthesia this broad. But it’s not so bad. It’s a learning process. And so far its been cool.
I am extra extra happy about not having daily wardrounds. At the moment that’s my happy thought about this speciality.

It’s back to being in a team,  working with different hierarchy  of colleagues..and the whole yadayada that comes with it all.

Something amusing happened one day. A senior registrar/resident (SR) was looking at me funny. I was wondering why he was staring. I was standing with S (who happens to be my cousin). He is the SR in S’s team.
SR: Hello, are you deaf and dumb?
Tamie: *amused look* with scrunched eyebrows [I doubt he can see that under this mask]
(Sincerely eh, I didn’t know if I should be angry or laugh or ignore….maybe it was a rhetorical question)
SR: I’m asking cos I’ve never heard you talk. Youre either walking alone or just sitting quietly.
Tamie: Sir, there has been no reason for us to talk.
SR: Wow, you actually do talk. You’re too quiet.

I jes don gerrit when people say this! If I no get anything to talk about and no one to talk to , do I just go yapping about?? I’m also not an extrovert so most times wouldn’t start conversations when it’s not indicated or necessary. I’m not the chief of small talk. Anyway we sha established the fact that I am not deaf and dumb. Lol


I’m usually team if it’s not broken don’t update (when it comes to my phone apps). But itchy fingers got me updating my adobe reader and now its broken. Like broken. This was the first time ever updating it since I installed it in my tab like 4years ago. [Update: this has been fixed . Had to delete and reinstall]
I like my aldiko reader but I use that for regular books not academic reading. With adobe reader I can highlight, make notes and stuff ,so I prefer using that for academic reading. It’s back to intentional academic reading and exam preps.

Adult education dey different oh. It’s just different from when one was in school and all you ‘really’ had to think about were your academics. I remember preparing for my primaries after nysc. That was when I learned to respect those with families  going through residency, especially the females.  E no easy like that.  Once again I raise hand ✋ and give it to all those residency with families,and passing exams first sittings. Y’all are MVPs.

Aside not having routine wardrounds another thing I love about my department is not working actively  the day after your call days.  I love it Biko.  No 36 straight hours work, unlike other departments.

Starting residency has lighted my lazy behind and I’ve improved on my some of my bad habits like waking late, procrastination… I’m still working on the rest like time management, reading etc.. I’m get there.

My motto for this phase is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ” QED

It’s December!  Yes I know it’s mid month already but forgive me, I just got here. December my second favorite month of the year!  The month of Love,  family,  friends,  and thanksgiving. Is anyone excited about the new Year?  I am ✋ ✋!!

This post’s already feels long. Imma stop ere.  I will be back….. Shortly.  And Oh,  who’s getting me a Cassie Dave’s Planner for 2017? Who, Who,  Who?  😁 😁

Bubbles of Christmas love to you 😘




*Forgive any typos, I couldn’t scroll up

4 thoughts on “Still here

  1. I didn’t bug you about not updating because I knew you’d be very busy with residency, had no idea it was anaesthesia though… Nice!
    I smiled all through the post and your conversation with SR was hilarious and very familiar to me, I’ve had several versions of it over the years. But seriously if there’s no reason to talk why should I yak upandan?
    Don’t stay away too long o, twice a month posting here ain’t bad…
    Sending you Christmas ehugs.

    1. Adaeze *ehugsssss*
      Yeah, anaesthesia it is. I think I can now say I’m adapted somewhat so I will definitely blog more often.
      I’m glad the post got you smiling lol
      I’ve also had several versions of that convo oh…. Too numerous to mention. Plus the ones that say I don’t smile…. I can’t always be cheesing on the road Na. I would just be bundled to one left hospital for evaluation. Lol
      Christmas Cheers to you and your family.

  2. “Aside not having routine wardrounds another thing I love about my department is not working actively  the day after your call days.  I love it Biko.  No 36 straight hours work, unlike other departments.”

    It’s beginning to sound like your Anaesthesiology is interesting plus we had some MDCN lectures in Anaesthesia this past week, they were all on point (you can be sure I was thinking of you, like “oh this is what Dr. Tamie does all day”)…but I don’t want to work in the theatre 😱😭

    I can relate with the “deaf and dumb” thing too. People sha. I love my quiet shell o…it’s comfy. #TeamObservation
    One of my principles is “if there’s nothing to say, say nothing.”
    Nice post.👍👍👍

    1. Wish I could like this comment twice. Lol
      Mehn, I should warn you. Academically anaesthesia is wiiiiiiiiide! I never knew till I entered. Hahahaha.. But really It’s still cool.

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