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On a regular day one minute seems like too short a time. But at other times it feel like a century. 

A lot can change under one minute. Different shade of things…. The good, bad and ugly can all happen under one minute. 

I have a testimony to share today. 

Quick question : Is there testimony time in your local assembly every Sunday?  Have you ever given a testimony out there in church? 

To my testimony.. It was last week Thursday. 

I was off duty that day and decided to use it to run some errands before evening. I had church service in the evening. I started with picking up my wristwatches I had dropped previously with a repairer to change batteries . From there I went to buy some products for my mum and then to salon to make my hair. It was already evening when I was done. 

I got home to realize Phcn guys had visited and cut the light of some of us in my compound. I wasn’t owing bills so I needed to sort that out and got someone to switch over to a second connection. By the time all that was sorted out I was already running late to church.  My battery had been low when I got back so I had plugged my phone to charge. 

Seeing as I was late,  I picked up one of my sling bags, threw my Bible and note pad in, picked some loose change and hurried out the door. It’s some distance from my house to the road where I would get a cab to church and I had gone half way when I realized I forgot my phone. Mbok, I couldn’t trek back so I  continued to church. Had a nice time at church. We closed around 9pm and I headed back home. My church is like 10mins away from where I stay. 

My street is a residential area with most houses/compounds  fenced off and gated. The street has a bend which is like a blind spot before continuing as a straight street. When I got to the bend (which is usually poorly lit),  I head some guy calling. I didn’t respond cos I didn’t know him and don’t do meet and greet with random strangers at dark corners. I noticed some people ahead at an area where there was a street light and hastened my pace. 

I passed the spot where the people where standing, passed the next gate (a water company)…. I was now two gates away from my compound…when it happened. 

A car slowed down by my side like it wanted to park or like the occupants wanted to make enquiries. I paused slightly to let them park (cos I thought the car wanted to park)… The front door opened and a guy got out walking towards me with a gun in his hand. 

The next one minute went so smoothly  that It felt like I was part of a movie whose script I had read and was familiar with. 

The car had 3 occupants – the driver,  the one in the passenger seat and one behind. The one in the passenger seat was the one who got out with the gun. He walked up to me gesturing for my back and actually took it off me. He turned back to enter the car. Just before he entered the driver asked him “You no search her, you no search her “ and he turned back, gun still pointed at me, walking to come search me. I raised my hands and said I don’t have anything on me. He turned back and the car zoomed off. 

It took almost a minute for my brain and legs to reboot and carry me the rest of the way home. It was like film. 

I got into my compound to see my caretaker and some other people watching 9pm news outside. I started telling them what just happened. They didn’t take me serious initially cos I was just calmly narrating my story. They finally realized I was serious. I was now in a fix of how to get into my house cos my keys were in the stolen bag and I was alone at home that day. My care taker rallied and cut an iron cutter. He started trying to cut my padlock but it was difficult, cos it was a strong lock and locked on the inside. We started thinking that even if we were able to cut the lock how would be open the main door. While we stood thinking I suddenly remembered  I had used the back door when we were sorting out the light issue earlier in the day. I wondered if by any stroke of luck I had left it open (which is highly unlikely). But I couldn’t remember locking it or not. I just went round and tried the door… And it opened.  I have never been happier to find out that I had left my door/house open for over 4 hours. I quickly bid my caretaker good night and went in. 

Then I sat down and the incident that just happened kept auto replaying. And the questions started. 

What if they had opened the bag there and then and found nothing of value to them in it?? (all in it was my Bible,  note pad,  bubble gum,  keys and maybe #200) what would they have done? 

What if they had pushed or dragged me into the car and zoomed off??  For kidnap, rape or whatever else? 

What it the guy had gotten in some mood and became trigger happy? 

The what if’s wouldn’t let up. I just pushed them aside and let my knees freely hit the floor. 

In one minute,  a lot coulda happened(we’ve heard similar stories  that went south) . But it didn’t!  And I give God almighty praise. I’ve never had such an experience. I’ve never had anything stolen from me. Talk less of at gun point. I’ve never been that close to a gun. 

The one who sees the end from the beginning gave me a testimony. And I’m forever grateful. Still join me and say thank you Jesus. We can never thank him enough. 


Bubbles of Love. 💞💞💞



38 thoughts on “iTestify

  1. Wow! What a testimony. Reading this makes me realise how gracious God has been to me too ( didn’t realise it until after reading this testimony). Because of the nature of my job, I find myself walking through dangerous places at odd hours of the day. And each day he keeps evil away from me. I had to take out some time to show my gratitude to Him for His benevolence.
    Thanks be to God for keeping you safe and for making you forget your phone and for helping you resist the temptation of going back home for it (E no easy) and for making you to go through the back door and forgetting to lock it. He had it all figured out. He indeed knows the end from the beginning.

  2. I’m so proud of God because he knew what He was doing, when he gave you this testimony and grateful to Him as well. And I’m proud of you for testifying yourself. I’m happy nothing untoward happened to you.

  3. Oh no! I thank God for your life. Hallelujah omg the rate at which people are getting kidnapped everyday. Every day I hear of about 5ladies missing.
    Thank God for your life sweets. He’s a merciful father

  4. “When I think of the goodness of Jesus
    “And all He has done for me…🎶”

    Wow God is the best scriptwriter there could ever possibly be, and we’re mee actors. Sometimes we miss our lines but He’s always got us covered.

    Thank God for your life Abibz, this God is too good!

  5. Thank you.. thank you.thank you Jesus
    For protection of your daughter.
    Thank you Lord! REALLY. . we are grateful..could have been worse but you show up everytime.. directing the scene. thank God for you Tamie

  6. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we’ll fear no evil, for God is with us. He that keepeth Tamie neither slumbers nor sleeps. Thank you Jesus.

  7. Wow, I thank God for preserving your life. He really sees the end from the beginning. The fact that not even your wallet and cards were in the bag says a lot.

    1. My immediate thought after it happened was that this was some kind of joke, cos there was nothing of use to them in the bag. .
      Well they can read my church notes.

  8. Wow!! Just wow!! babe you need to see how I just left my mouth open while reading. Thank God for everything. I can’t even say much, just thank God. The one that neither sleeps nor slumber. it is well with you my darling! Xoxo

  9. Oh my! How come I’m just reading this…

    Thank you Jesus for sparing my sisters life! Thank you for going ahead of us and spoiling the thoughts and plans of the enemy. Thank you for being God! Words are not enough to express our gratitude.

    So happy for your testimony Tee! So happy!
    Kisses hun

  10. Wow! Thank God for His mercies, His preservation and protection! Yes indeed, this story could have gone a thousand ways south. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. Thank God for the testimony!

  11. Awesome! We will keep standing cos He will keep making a way. Its not by chance, but intentional! Bless His Holy Name for the great testimony.

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