…Of Giveaway wins. 

Hey brownshugs, 

How was the love month to y’all? 

I’ve been lazy on here, I know. And I have no justifiable reason.. My drafts tell me so. 

Giveaways are common place on social media, and I like the community feel that’s it comes with. 

I really didn’t use to participate in them,  but I started at some point and I’ve had my lil share of wins. 

I remember the old blogsville community (do/did you know the old blogsville?)  when Atilola ran the know the blogger series and I won a number of the prices each week (which was weekly  air time).. I ended up having the highest wins. 

I won a waist trainer (which was worth 18k)  off a weight-loss handle on IG. Was so surprised I won this and I sure put it to good use.

Enter 2017 and,  I’ve had some wins. 

First was winning the Cassie Daves Blog Planner on Sisiyemmie’s blog. I so never experreted it!!  Was suprised when I got to the end of the post and saw my name. It felt good 😁 😁.. I look forward to using it to plan my time and thoughts for my alcove. I’m yet to receive it. E dey road. 
Next win was the HDHQ planner by Dee Mako on The alaroro shopaholic blog. I jes started dancing when I saw this win announcement. I had  wanted to get this on my own so it was so good winning this. 

Like twice!

I remembered reading Grace Alex review about both planners late last year  and thinking how I wouldn’t mind having them and fastforward to this month and I won not one but both of them! Cool stuff! 

I received the HDHQ planner last week and was jes in love!  Viv of  the Alaroro shopaholic was just a darling with sending it down and all that.  I hope to do a proper review of it shortly. Want to use it for sometime before giving my thoughts. 

Love the Adire vibe. And look, it came in my fav colour. ☺

Winning feels good. Yelz. 💃 💃 

There’s something both giveaways had in common which attracted me to try in them …the rules were SIMPLE! No plenty jamb rules,  no plenty grammar, no follow me on the west, north, south and east poles. Lol

I also entered for a book giveaway on Homeland Reviews (an African books and movies review blog -great place). Didn’t win that. I want to read more African lit this year, wanted to start with that. Will still look out on that title and others. 

It’s not only to be winning from others, should do a giveaway soon too…in appreciation to everyone who takes time to stop by and read my ramblings here on my alcove. I truly appreciate you…yes you! One reason I never did one is cos I felt no one would (want to) enter for the give away. 😀

February haff finish! 

Let’s March on! 
Bubbles of Love, 💕💕💞💞


11 thoughts on “…Of Giveaway wins. 

  1. Lool. Very interesting. I assume I envy you having these two planners.

    I’ve participated in about two or three giveaways without any win, I just thought it wasn’t much for me. Most times the location for the winner is even a barrier as I don’t live in Lagos.

    I can relate to your thoughts of nobody wanting to enter in for the giveaways. Maybe very soon, I’ll have my own giveaway. Maybe.

  2. Baby!! I was about to ask for that jaz that’s making you win all these things like this. It was when I got to your homeland reviews that I was like hmm, issok. Haha. I enjoyed reading from you as usual. Love you twinnie and congrats once again. Xx

  3. Na only you salary come! Chai! See as you are just grabbing everything anyhow. I need to tap into this kind of anointing, 😁. #kabashing already #theviolenttakeitbyforce

  4. I’ve participated in one or two give aways, but i havn’t won any yet. I hate it when they give 2 million prerequisites for winning an item.

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