Baby Steps To Returning Loves

There has been a renewed love for some things lately for me. I say renewed ‘cos I’ve kinda always liked or loved them but am putting more effort into them lately. 
Some were abandoned outta lack of time to explore them, some outta sheer laziness and procrastination. 
Sometimes I can be lazy for Africa Mehn! I am doing a personal deliverance for myself from procrastination. This type of deliverance is not a one time one, it’s a daily one leaving no space for any backyard return.
So some stuff I used to love doing but took a back burner include :

This has got to be numero uno!!
I could read efritin!
( Btw, did y’all know there is a site with that name(efritin), its kinda like olx…. Speaking of olx I got a very fantastic deal there recently and am still cheesing abourrit! lol ..It’s good to get a good deal after hearing not so good reviews about the site 
– Here is the other site I stumbled on Efritin …)
I digress…
I could read almost anything… from novels, to academic books, bible,inspirationals, to newspapers, magazines, news bulletins ( yeah, am that friend that would stop a walk with a friend to scan a news board…some  friends have yabbed me for this) . But somehow, slowly I lost the zeal to read anything. Really dunno what happened. 
I’ve been trying to get my groove back on in the last two years but it’s been slow. This year though, I’ve made good progress! I’ve read at least one  book each month! 
Yay me!
I intend to make it more,yesh. But for now baby steps.

Current read. 

It’s been yang yang between sewing and I. 
I like it. A Lot. 
Right from my junior secondary school days of home economics assignments of making waist slips, to senior secondary assignments of making aprons and tables covers…the love had been there, with lil nurturing and other DIY sewings.
My mum had a sewing machine at home which I always played with. She also, like me likes sewing but didn’t learn much,but she can do some basics. 
One thing or the other was always coming up to steal my attention from getting better at it. Major culprit being school. Now work is also trying to..but no I won’t let it win. 
I believe in practicing what I last weekend I got me a sewing machine ! Actually my mum got it for me.
Yay me again!
I also plan to register somewhere close to the house for some evening classes. As much as my schedule will allow.
Again baby steps…no pressure.

My early birthday pressie from my mum. 
Her name is Ibifiri(means good work)

One more thing am having renewed love for is HAIR CARE…maybe I’ll do a separate post on that sometime. 

Do you have something you loved doing and kinda stopped.? Or do did you develop a new love for something and you are successfully nurturing it?
Do share.

Lots of love. 

8 thoughts on “Baby Steps To Returning Loves

  1. What wonderful thoughts and the fact that you are re-discovering yourself is quite good. I have a book picked for the week and I must say last year I didn't get to read as much, but I've been on a roll this year. Many thanks and greetings!

  2. Hello Tamie,

    I am glad I found your blog, I sincerely appreciate the depth of this post, it's always nice to do the things that you truly love.

    The 3 things that I love doing are- reading a good book, DIY sewing and watching stage plays.

    My sewing machine is called “Sisi Clara” 🙂

    Have a lovely week!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by.
    We've got two loves in common. I've never watched a stage play.. the two times I had planned to go, something else happened.

    Sisi Clara…nice!

  4. The two loves i have but been shying away from are:
    1. Designing or Drawing (at some point, my mum taught i would be an engineer, I failed her, LOL)
    2. Sewing: It's a tension quencher for me. It's related to the first cos i used to have a design book or fashion look book and i try sewing up some with just needle and thread. I need to book that sewing class and buy a sewing machine but work and family won't let me
    3. Photography (yea i added a 3rd one)
    Have a blessed weekend dear

  5. Yeah…I love photography too…Wish I could somehow casually hone my skills on that.

    Yeah getting a sewing machine may just spur you to getting better at sewing..and you can take it at your own pace as dictated by other schedules..

    Have a lovely weekend too hun.

  6. Playing soccer, which kinda faded, but e still dey bodi (if u know, you know). Same with athletics. Singing n reading are the latest kids but needs some fine tunning to get em optimized.

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