TRJE 101

TRJE : Tamie’s Random Journal Entries. 

Yhellooo shugars,

Happy Sunday ! *crings a bit*

How has the marching been in March? Hope life has been playing beautiful rhythms for us all to march to.

I miss my monthly T’journ posts I ran last year. My bujo, and now my  planners, stole my  heart and time. Random posts like this one would become more regular to make up. And they will be in the menu under the T’journ category.

I finished reading Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie recently. I know. #Lastma badge in place. I dunno why it took me so long to do so sef. Well I’ve read it now,  and simply put it was a great read!  Really she’s good. I loved almost all the main characters and some minors. I thoroughly enjoyed how so many issues were touched at the same time : love,  race,  hair,  culture, pretense,emigration, family,  societal pressure etc.  I love a full book. A book that has more than one thing to chew on.  A book that’s playing in my head like a movie or serie.  A book that though fiction, delivers a message even though I may not agree with all the messages therein. I laaaiiiiked eet!

I’ve never done a book review and would have wanted to do one but no time… maybe I still will. I’ve always loved Chimamanda’s writings . Her first work I read was half of a yellow sun. It was a borrowed copy. A few years later I bought my own copy cos I wanted to read it again and I  remembered while reading it I kept saying to myself I will want to have this in my library. Same sentiments with Americanah..I read a soft copy, but imma get a hard copy.

Chimamanda once had this interview with Wana Wana.. There’s the transcript and audios. It was an interesting one Find it here

Currently I’m reading Fervent By Priscilla Shirer (reading it again in a group) , A.D 30 by Ted DekKer and  Yobachi (a novella) by Tunde Leye.

Remember my driving school test story? I’m now ready to actively use all I learned. I’m both nervous and excited. Each time I see people driving on the road I encourage myself in the Lord. My dad says drive like you’re the only sane person on the road.  Lwkmd. Indeed. My car is a female ,cute and petite like her mama and has a full Nigerian name. First name- a name from one of the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Last name -my vernacular name,two semi long names. (The type of name wey dey full register) They both mean the same thing. I think I’ve mentioned both names in some old posts. Who can guess? (Itunu, ya not included oh. You already have expo) lol

So, Mbok, y’all pray with me. I shall jam noborri and noborri shall jam me. Amen. 😁 😁

I was in a taxi going to work a few days ago and some students (undergrads) were talking about school this and that and in that moment I missed being in school. I just missed the less “adultingness” and freedom that I had during my undergrad days. I was surprised it (missing school) hit me the way did. All I actively worried about then was to read and pass and that was never an issue for me,cos I enjoyed reading. It’s in this old age and adult schooling that reading has become a problem.. Deep Sigh!

I was reading John 1 this morning. In verses 19-28 the Jews were all up in John the Baptist face asking him: Who are you?  Are you Elijah? Are you the Prophet? What do you say about your self? Why do you baptize if you aren’t the Christ? And  Bros John went ahead to answer them. That passage and questions made me reflect. John had a purpose and he knew it and he was walking in it. So when those questions were thrown at him he served his answers hot. #ReflectiveMode

I found this blog,  Sister Bisi ,and I loveet.Its a beautiful and inspiring spot.  You should Check it out.

I have this colleague and friend who writes so well and always has a message. He shares his posts mostly on facebook (Ovundah Nyeche) .  I’ve been telling him to start his blog already. Despite being an “ordained” #HearWord Patron he has refused to #HearWord. Lol. Check him out.

How has your month been?

It’s the beginning of a new week. Cheers to a blessed week.

Bubbles of Love 💕💕💞💞




13 thoughts on “TRJE 101

  1. Oh! Imagine my surprise at being mentioned. Thanks a lot.
    You go jam no one and no one go jam you in Jesus name. Amen
    I really do need to learn driving oh. More than ten years back I paid money for driving school oh, and the first day the driver put us on the road. Let’s just say I managed not to jam anybody and heaved a sigh of relief as soon as soon as I managed to get down. Hian? It wasn’t even automatic oh, Manual for that matter. Since then I have been putting it off.
    I hope to learn this year. Almost everybody for office don yab me finish 😀.
    I still haven’t read that “Americanah”. One time I saw her books in an hotel bookshop in Abuja. It was expensive so I didn’t buy them. This reminds me to check for them in Ibadan.
    Thanks for the surprise mention. For a few seconds I stared at the name like “This is me right! ”
    God bless you.

    1. I first learned almost 10 years ago but didn’t use it more than 2days and went back to square one till last year.

      Lol And I thought I was the last one standing who hadn’t read Americanah.

      Lol @ surprise mention. I love your space. Well done.
      Cheers dear.

  2. Hello Tamie, new to your blog but would definitely come back. I also got a copy of the book but somehow my mom misplaced it at the time, so I still haven’t read Americanah even though I started the book. 🙁
    All the best with your driving lessons, I start mine here next month hopefully.
    Wishing you a great week ahead!

    1. Hey Zinny, thanks for stopping by!
      Americanah is a cool read.
      Thanks, driving lessons have been interesting. Too much concentration required. All the best with yours too.

  3. You wee not Jam in Jesus name and no one will Jam you. Ya not in this crazy Lagos, but is it also as crazy in that part of the country? Drivers I mean.

    I mostly miss school because of my friends but aint nobody wanna be reading no book right now and be worrying about grades -_-

    I shall be writing how my month was soonish 😉

    1. Tomi!!
      I have this wide grin for you on my face. Babe I love you current look! Hehehehe you’re glowing!
      My dear Lagos is on a whole new level I guess but ph drivers have their own level of driving madness. I’ve experienced my fair share in this short period. I find myself talking to drivers I know wouldn’t hear me.
      Amen. No jamming on my lane.
      Looking forward to reading about your month.
      Cheers babe

  4. You wee not Jam in Jesus name and no one will Jam you. Ya not in this crazy Lagos, but is it also as crazy in that part of the country? Drivers I mean.

    I mostly miss school because of my friends but aint nobody wanna be reading no book right now and be worrying about grades -_-

    I shall be writing how my month was soonish 😉

    and Oh! You are not the #Lastma o. I have not read any of chimamanda’s books, talk about chief of the lastma region in the whole of Africa

  5. Glorya, says happy sunday and good afternoon. Lol, thank you for your support and encouragement. God bless you loads.

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