Nothing is tying me down

I was listening to a program on radio recently  ( it was on handling rejections and moving past hurts) and the guest made a statement that caught me.
 She said : if you hold someone down to the ground and don’t let the person go,you are actually also holding yourself down. 
A picture of these traditional wrestlers as they try to pin their opponents to the ground came to mind( lol I wonder why)  as I turned the statement over and over in my mind. 


I have had to move on from a number of rejection and hurts and most times it had been a slow process for me..i guess am wired that way. 
But hearing this,i just felt like someone with a refractive error given the perfect lens to look through. It all seemed so clear and easy!! 
Like how come I had never looked at moving on in this light before!  
Over time I’ve learnt how  to move past hurt feelings but this has just given me more clarity. 
No more  slumming down there with anyone who tries to keep me down.
Siki’oforiye! (No time!) 
Peace and Love. 

16 thoughts on “Nothing is tying me down

  1. There's an igbo proverb that says the same thing, my mum says it all the time so I guess I learned that pretty early. Letting go of hurt can be hard but I think we'll be better for it. Interesting blog you have here.

  2. Well said! Something i have had to practice. Dwelt on one more than others, but just like it read ….u cant grow holdind someone down.

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