Guest Post : Forgive me if I don’t miss you

Forgive Me If I don’t Miss You

Its  always great meeting nice people,
learning new things and doing new
Every moment  brings fun, joy and

Every seed sown germinates
into a beautiful flower that attracts humming birds in search of nectar

It was great, It was fun, It was happiness,
It was joy, It was a fairlytale and we
both acted our roles perfectly

But …. whatever begins must end, whatever starts
must finish, whatever is initiated must be concluded and so life gives us a
chance to try new things and gain new

Patience is better than pride
and the end of a matter is better than
its beginning.

Every moment shared,
the conversations made, the revelations expressed, the beautiful smiles and
dimples, the tears shed, the laughter and
pain felt makes up for a wonderful
experience of joy and sorrow,
happiness and sadness, slavery and
freedom, hatred and love, conflict and peace, stress and relief.

Forgive me if I don’t miss you.

I am glad
you were in my life; our best times will
always be a part of me, but I am looking
forward and moving on.

There are so
many wonderful places to go, books to read and people to meet. There are
projects to be completed, songs
unwritten and sermons to preach.

Forgive me if I don’t miss you. There is
so much to do!

Courtesy – The Nemieboka’s

Did this remind you of someone or some phase in your life?

For me, it did.

Sometimes we want to hold on to that person, moment, place and not move on.  Sometimes it’s okay to move right on,  and it’s okay to not miss ‘you'(person,  place thing)  as much as anymore.

Life goes on.

Bubbles of Love 💞💕💞💕


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