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I was at a business conference recently and I heard the above statement and it resonated with me. It was made by Fela Duruotoye. It suddenly made some experiences I’ve had make sense how they all played out and fitted into my life as it is today. 

Some may disagree with it though, and say finding or knowing your purpose alone is all that matters. Once born and slotted into the track of life, a purpose slip isn’t automatically handed to each person. We go through the various stages of life and along them find that area where we are meant to fulfil purpose.

Growing up I wanted to do everything. I wanted to take all the arts and science subjects, I just wanted to experience it all. My total academic load in SS1 were equally mixed with arts and science subjects. Of course I couldn’t continue like that and had to drop some going further. I finished secondary school and again had some confusion, there were so many seemingly nice since courses to choose from the JAMB brochure. I found myself wishing I could do more than one course, took me awhile to fill the form.
One day my aunty came visiting and in trying to help me make a choice shared some simple things like adding value, fulfilment, etc. and I made a choice…Medicine! 

My initial scores didn’t get me an admission. I got into a Human Physiology predegree program. I didn’t want to do this. In fact, I had never heard of the course till my relative who was a lecturer in the College of health sciences suggested I fill that. Even while in the program I toyed with the idea of changing to other courses(Gas and Environmental Engineering precisely). 

But It was while in this program I came to learn and understand a lot in life, including what doing a life assignment right meant (of course I didn’t know it as that at the time).
The pre degree program was pretty simple, a minimum score of 40(for all the other departments- sciences, engineering) and 50 (for those in medicine) secured one an admission slot automatically. And these scores were shared over two semesters. That is, least score of 20/100 per semester (or 25/100 for those in medicine). How hard could this be? That was my thought. But interestingly,  I met people who felt it was too much to ask and yes a good (very good) number of people didn’t pass the program..including some friends then. 
That I was surprised is an understatement. Some felt doing a pre degree wasn’t where they should be so played around. Others didn’t take it serious cos they either underestimated the exams or overestimated their preparedness for it. And some others where just carried away with the euphoria of being in the university environment and its shenanigans.

But I learned a lot from those moments. At that time my assignment was passing the program and securing an admission, which was the platform I needed to be able to either switch to Medicine or obtain a direct entry into Medicine. Years down the line, that happened. 

Ultimately, Medicine may just be a platform to some other larger stage for me to perform, but for now its my current assignment and I’m right on it. 

Whats your life’s assignment for today and how well are you doing it?


PS : I had written this months ago when someone reached out to me about writing something on how any experience in my life had helped me in life in line with finding purpose. It didn’t make the anthology anyway, it was way above the word count. It’s been sitting in my notes drafts. Came across it some days ago and thought to share here. 
Bubbles of Love 💞💕💞💕


9 thoughts on “Today’s Assignment

  1. Lovely post…and thank you. I came across the purpose vs assignment distinction earlier this year, I think and it has since resonated within me.
    Thank God for the understanding he gives us to carry out those assignments he bring our way, per time. May we not take them for granted. Amen.

  2. Loved this. I think that finding, knowing and completing an assignment takes one closer to purpose and gives one a sense of accomplishment. If you don’t know your purpose, then at least know what assignment God has for you presently.

  3. my understanding of this purpose vs purpose is this.
    Purpose is the why? Assignment is the what?
    let me clarify, purpose has to do with who you become by the realization of what your capability are. purpose deal with the reason and INTENT and WHY you are here.

    On the other hand, assignment is the task to be accomplishes with the capability built into you by purpose .The truth is our assignment is limited, it is a small area we are suppose to cover in the master plan of God which others are suppose to proceed from where we stop. God has a master and our assignment is the portion of land we are take over for His Glory.

    therefore for me I believe purpose precced assignment. if you don’t know what’s built into you, how can you make use of what you don’t know you have?

    So in a way, both of them are interwoven in a way and yet somehow distinctly separate in the sense that one proceed another.

    #my 2cent

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