Look, its growing!

Growth is a basic life process.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she told me she deleted the candy crush game from her phone. Of course I laughed out loud. The way she said it was very funny. She had once said she dreamt of finishing and passing some levels in her sleep. Lol. Babe just pulled on some brakes and deleted the game.


A short while after that conversation I thought back to when I also first started playing candy crush . I was hooked. Not dreaming hooked sha o…. but hooked all the same. Played it countless times a day, late into nights… Thought about it when I was away from my tab where it was on. I realized I was hooked and had to decide that this thing wouldn’t consume me.. I later came to a point where I had to consciously know when to chill and leave the game in its own place.

As I was thinking about it all, in that moment I realized I hadn’t played it in more than 2 months.

It struck me then that I had grown in my walk of self discipline I had started. I started looking at other areas I had been working on and started seeing different levels of buds and sprouts along the lane of my life.

Growth was taking place!


One of my earliest memory of me growing physically was when I was about 9/10. I had a dress I so loved and thought I would wear forever. It was originally a birthday dress that transformed into a Sunday Best. I picked it up to wear one Sunday, as usual, and it had become tight and appeared to have been cut short. I remember grumbling, I wasn’t that eager to hand it down. We had this tradition every end of the year to gather and  box clothes we wanted to give out, when I didn’t want to put the dress in , my mum was like “but you’ve outgrown it ,aren’t you happy you are growing ? ” Well, I grudgingly put it in.

Growth happens to us all in different aspects of our lives. Sometimes its not so obvious or we do not know/feel it happening.

For growth to occur ,there has to be some nurturing or tending to. Even unwanted growth is somehow nurtured too! The random weeds that grow and makes a garden look unkempt received sunlight and rain to some extent.

Are you watering working on your Plant?



Prayer life..

Study times..





Health ..


If you are putting In effort in an aspect of your life, with some discipline , expect to see results.

When growth is not that obvious at first sight , you have to LOOK to see it. That is , you have to take a deliberate and closer look at the area you are expecting growth to see if there are any buds there.

In looking be patient , take stock , measure achievements, note mistakes, celebrate victories… There are always lessons in every growing process and most times if we don’t pay attention we loose the attached nuggets to that particular journey.

Gen 1:31  And God SAW everything that he had made, and behold it was good. And the evening and the morning was the sixth day.

Seeing positive growth encourages us to do and be more. Don’t be too quick to say My life isn’t moving forward, my business isn’t thriving, my prayer life isnt growing. Take a moment, look and learn.

And If you look and see weeds, remove them!

Keep looking!

Its growing !


Love ,

Tamie ♥

19 thoughts on “Look, its growing!

  1. This is a beautiful post, the message is soothing but the points are razor sharp!
    I laughed hard at your dress story, children are very unwilling to give up their prized possessions. I had a dress like that, I wore it from when I was five (it was big then) till I was eight, giving it up was hard!
    The waiting period before growth becomes apparent is a grueling time but the rewards of growth are worth it.

    1. Lol!! Thanks Ada..
      I guess every child had THAT dress..the special one the loved .
      True. True. The rewards of growth are so worth it. Waiting can be less grueling if we go on living purposefully and not just sit, one hand under our chin, waiting.

  2. Look its growing!
    I remember seeing my ‘very tiny little’ cousin, the other day. Haaayy last i saw him he was still sucking his thumb! Ma guy was in blinking final year with beard, swag and all! Ah! I was shocked!
    I bet if he lived with me all ‘the growing’ years i won’t have notice or even thought about how big he’d grown.
    There’s a part in scripture that makes me smile,
    26 And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground; 27 And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how. 28 For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.
    Mark 4:26-28

    Sha carry your seed from the sac and plant shikenah! It’ll grow! Ofcos there are other factors but plant fes!
    Tanchu Tamz ya a blessing.
    Wide grin!

  3. That candy crush game sha, I was just never a fan n trust me I always wondered what pple saw in it. Growth esp when good has a way of making us happy cus really no one fancies being stuck in one spot. I love how you pointed out that once growth isn’t noticeable we shld check for weeds. Thanks for the awesome post

    1. Haha…I love candy crush. I’ve actually learnt some lessons from playing it.
      There is always some growth around us…both wanted and unwanted.
      Thanks fr stopping by love..

  4. Words of wisdom, Seun! 😉

    Making the conscious effort to LOOK and SEE where growth has occurred is important. We are all too quick to judge and put ourselves down when we don’t see growth. Not knowing there’s probably one more ‘place’ we forgot to look.. Evidence of growth doesn’t always poke us in the eyes (lol). Sometimes we have to take time to search for it.

  5. Mine was subway surfers.
    Used to dream about it haha

    Now I think about it I miss it BIT should I download it again, it would NEVER become an addiction.


    1. Another game dreamer. Lol.
      I think my coordination skills are to be queried cos I never fared too well with the likes of subway surfers or temple run. I never seemed to pass some certain levels.

    2. Beautifully written as always Tamie! i did a post about judging ourselves too harshly because we probably cannot see evidence of growth but its happening.

      Your stroy about the dress is hilarious! i still fixate on stuff like that. i would wear a particular dress until the local government sends me a notice. please stop hurting our eyes LOL

  6. Hi Tamie,

    Both heart-warming and thought-provoking.

    This part made me reflect deeply- “For growth ( both wanted and unwanted) to occur, there has to be some nurturing or tending to”

    I agree with you, it’s one thing to make plans and it’s another thing to work towards achieving results. Plans don’t grow wings and fly off into the sunset of success all by themselves. 😀

    Well written, thank you for sharing.

  7. Well written and heart warming post. I have never seem to understand this candy crush game but gimme temple run and I will bless you till thy kingdom come. 😀😀😀😀. I was so addicted even dreamt about it 😀, that’s when I became cautious and unwillingly delete it. I just collected the game from a friend yesterday and that’s when I knew its been months I have played it .

    Growth takes time but the benefits are usually encompassing .

    1. Haha… Everyone has their game button. Temple run on my tab is for show or my nephew/niece. Cos I just never get that far with it.
      Yeah Growth does take time. And patience is a virtue.

  8. Speaks volumes on every side. Yea, at a point in my life i wondered if certain intangible stuff were growing, but i have come to understand how things really actually work. The principles of the farm teaches much wisdom about growth. Nice piece!

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