TRJE 103

Shugar Shugar boos..


How’s youuuuuu?  *In Jenifa’s accent*

So let me start  this journal entry with Jenifa! I think somehow I have an affinity for Lastma badge in some things. So I’ve always heard about Jenifa’s diary and caught few moments but I had never watched a full episode before. Well, that was before last month.  Sometime last month I was bored and decided to watch something different and settled for Jenifa’s diary(which I had had on my laptop for 6months if not more). Let’s just say I finished the season one on the spot and would have finished the next one if it wasn’t a week day. Chai. Babe is a character!  I had not watched it before cos I felt it was just regular Nigerian comedy and I  wouldn’t really find it funny and wouldn’t enjoy it so much. But I loved it!!  It’s not a perfect show but a good one. Loved almost all the characters (Oh and now I understood all the fuss on social media when it was said Toyo had left the show). I am now a Jenny baby fan.

It’s August in a few days. (This year fast sha)  Keep calm people,  the best month is loading!!  What better time to take my annual leave! Since I started working after nysc I always take my annual leave in August..and I’m looking forward to it. I had plans to do some continental traveling. But those plans changed. But I know I would still have a nice time. A good friend who runs a fashion hub online Rethar’s Hub  is having a giveaway on my birthday August 4th. Will be posting details of it soon. So watch this space.


So one of my friend and colleague who I had mentioned in this post joined the blogosphere and I’m glad he did. He’s a man of many parts, like his bio says, he loves his Saviour, stethoscope, soccer, storytelling and scribing.  Do Check his blog here.

For me, one thing working in the hospital has taught me is  to be more grateful to God. For the little things – breathing easily, urinating or defeating easily, being able to sleep, being able to fling my arms and legs at will. For the daily testimonies – of sleeping and waking up hale and hearty,  going out daily and getting back home in one piece, providing food and drink. Almost daily you see people who left the house like you to go about their daily businesses and end not going back home the same or at all. A young man came in from Lagos for a  few days, he had a contract job to do. He slipped in the bathtub in his hotel room and never woke up. Word had to be sent to his family in Lagos. Another young man was on a journey to meet his family to celebrate his wife’s birthday, he had a stroke and became unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital and later passed on 30mins to his wife’s birthday. It was so heart breaking watching his loved ones process their loss.  I’ve never really had a close relative on  (serious) admission (especially in a government hospital), and I’m grateful to God for that cos it’s not a funny place to be in. I’m not in a place(speciality) where I have to do daily rounds and ‘admit to discharge’ care of patients ( one reason I chose anaesthesia) , yet the interactions I get to have with some patients leaves me heartbroken.

Don’t wait to have all on your life lists ticked off before being thankful to God. Start now dear. Start now. And more importantly strive daily for a deeper walk with your maker.

I hope to be more present here in the coming days..

Till then, lots of love. 💞💞💞

See ya, Casssh ya, lerra… *in Jenifa’s voice*




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