What I did last ……

……last Summer!  😃

Hey shugars, how y’all been?

This post is long over due and had been in drafts, so will do some editing.

Welcome to September! Yeah, the month is a week old but still fairly new. The year is slowly but surely unwinding. How does that make you feel?

How was August?
August is my best month, my birth month and I almost always never wants it to end. I have this great love for my month. Am I alone? Do you love your birth month as much? Or it’s no biggie to you?

Took my annual leave last month and I didn’t want to just be home ( in Port Harcourt) all month-long, so had travel plans.
Fun fact: I love reading travel blogs….some of my favorites are Travel with a pen, The wakaholic and Labyrinths of Lahrah


Initially ,the plan was Abuja and Jos. I’ve wanted to go to Jos for the longest of times and I had good reason this time to go there..a part of my heart is in Jos.
Fun fact : My elder sis had done a diploma in the university of Jos and I had also wanted to go to UniJos…my dad wasn’t hearing any of that though. For a long time I still wished I did.
Plans changed and became Ghana.
This was going to be my first time crossing border.  Lol.


I had always wanted to take a trip with AJ, we had hoped we would do a Ghana trip together but the timing wasn’t werking. So it had to be a solo trip. The idea of  traveling solo initially gave me cold feet and nearly made me cancel the idea but the pull to spend this period outta town was stronger and won. So I decided I would still travel but took a while to pick dates cos I had a retreat to attend, I needed to get some travel information, plan accommodation and all that.

A few years ago, a friend had invited me over to GH for her wedding but I couldn’t make it then. I buzzed her up and she was happy to hear I would be coming and to also host me. She mentioned she lived in Takoradi which she said was 4 hours (by road) or 45mins ( by flight) from Accra.
I had read a number of reviews of road trips to GH and wanted to do that. I also had not used a luxurious bus to travel so wanted that experience too. But Since I was going alone, I wasn’t endeared by the thought of enduring a 12-14 hour road trip alone. Cassie had said they got in around 12midnight! Mbanu.. If I had company, definitely would have done that. Maybe next time. So, I turned my travel plans towards taking a flight.

I stumbled on some information online which said Nigerians traveling to Ghana needed to apply for a visa from July 2016 bla bla bla.. Was confused. Cos I had thought all I needed was my passport and yellow Card. I needed to confirm so reached out to some travel bloggers via social media and online Ghanaian friends, and they confirmed my initial thoughts. No visa needed.

Takoradi was locked down but I also wanted to see Accra. I looked at the options of staying in a hotel or with some one. Since I was travelling alone, part of me didn’t want to be holed up in a hotel room, I wanted a real feel of the city. I hit up a few people I knew there and they were either not in the country or outta Accra at the moment. Then I remembered something I read on TWAP- couch surfing! Read more about it here. So I registered and sent some requests. I got some denials which wanted to drop my morale, and make me cancel other requests. Lol. Then someone accepted my request! We connected on whatsapp, chatted, video called and got comfortable with one another and I confirmed my travel dates.
Accommodation done.

Next, travel planning. Arik and African world airline (AWA) got my attention. I settled for AWA cos though it’s been a while I used Arik, I remembered they had a thing for delaying flights.
I booked and paid online and a confirmation email was sent to me.

And the journey to Tamie Takes Ghana began ..


This is getting lengthy, will continue in the next post.


Bubbles of love ❤💕❤💕



PS: For my search on Couchsurfing, some filters I used before sending requests were female, those verified or with references , and who had been active on CS within the last few weeks.

9 thoughts on “What I did last ……

  1. ARIK??? God forbid bad thing. They scattered my wedding plans.

    Travelling solo is fun. All my trips, except 1, have been solo. Maybe I’m just a lone ranger, lol.

    1. Oh my God Atilola, I literally burst out laughing at that Arik exclamation and “God forbid bad thing”..Hahahahaha
      This was a new experience for me and I would have loved to share it. But traveling solo turned out to be fun too!

  2. Good for you traveling solo. The thought of travelling alone puts me off vacation plans sometimes.
    And oh! This is the first post. The one I missed.

    1. Yeah this is the beginning post.
      I was unsure of what travelling alone would hold that’s why I chickened out of the road trip. In hindsight I should have taken it.. Maybe next time.
      We could plan a trip In Nigeria. ☺

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