My favorite this is that.

I really don’t do favorites.

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Some have got favorite book, music, brand, movie and even pen! Oh yes,pen! I had a classmate who would write with only the Schneider pen.

Some have  favorites but are not extremist with it. By extremist I mean if their favorite item or brand or stuff isn’t there, their life goes on pause for a while or they would have a mini meltdown. 
I remember telling someone I don’t have a favorite movie/book and  got the ‘you for real’ look. It’s  okay to have that one thing that stands out for you any day or night.
But no be for everybody.
 Whatever rocks ya boat,i guess .

I’ve got things and brands I like,but I rarely do favorites and  cling to them. 
Back in secondary school when there was this slum book craze, and you get asked best this,best that, favorite was always hard for me to fill and took longer time cos I never really had best or favorite anything. I usually just choose what comes first to my head, and down the line realise “oh,but I really like this too!”

Same with friends. 
I don’t have A #bestie.
I don’t have A #bff.
I’ve got close friends whom my heart beats or, and I can be crazy  with and all that. 
Again in secondary school I tried hard to have one, I couldn’t be left behind mbok….but for where! it didn’t work. I really tried  hard at It oh. Some silly things I did coming to mind *palms face*

Puuhlease, do not get me wrong.. it’s not bad to have that omnipotent favourite stuff. It’s just not for everyone. 
I think one reason for me is cos I like / love plenty things and it’s just hard and unfair to make one single choice. Also my love for some stuff can fade faster than saying ABC.

So to some things am loving now..cant say they are favorites but I really really like them
*Dooney’s Kitchen

*Na you be God by Tim Godfrey, Eben and co
*My heart sings by William mcdowell

So whats your favorite this or that?
Do share.

15 thoughts on “My favorite this is that.

  1. For some reason, I don't do favourites either. I only have one best friend. I listen to all genres of music, and like some types of food. Its not so bad to have a favourite spot for something, but best not to be overzealous about it.
    Have a great month!

  2. Yeah its not bad at all,but being overzealous about it kinda gets to me.
    Am still just getting used to the idea of guys and best friends.

  3. I do temporary favourites and my brothers are my best friends. Like you, I had problems with filling slum books, I didn't even make one.
    You like dooney's blog too?… and ofilispeaks?… awesome blogs.

  4. Tamie me I like favorites oh….I don't do favorites music or book or movies but I like the idea of a favorite shirt, place or things to do. The thing is alot of the time it is only favorite for the moment because like they said, things change. The only constant thing in life is constant.

  5. Hmmm, totful! Lemme see,… best friend eida, just close pals. Love gospel genre (deitrick, accapella), r&b n any cool tot-provoking song. Used to love rice when i was younger, but now “good food” is what i love.

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