Yellow Throat

Yellow Throat

Zamii sat quietly and looked around,  as people continued filling up the little hall. Some stood around, making small talks. A few hovering at the door, peeped in and out.

Everyone had been assigned a name tag before entry. There was a welcome stand just outside the hall and the tags were randomly picked from a dip box. Her name tag read PINK ATTACHE. After she had picked and read it, she had wanted to slip it back in and pick another, but the serious looking lady seated at the desk had quickly closed the box. She was miffed.

There’s no other way to explain this than thinking that the Pink goddess had a memo with her name today. How else could she explain her wearing a Pink ruffle top and Pink ballet shoes and randomly picking a name which coincidentally has Pink in it!  And to think that she hated Pink!

Last night, she had lost a bet to her dear but annoying cousin Reeda, who was in town for the weekend. The consequence of losing that bet was Reeda picking her outfit for the Networking event she had told her she had to attend. Reeda’s favorite colour was pink and last Christmas she had gotten Zamii a Pink Ruffled top which had been standing pretty in her closet till she grudgingly wore it this morning.

She adjusted the name tag,  and shifted the ruffles of her top to cover some part of the tag. As she settled back to people-watch her phone vibrated. It was a whatsapp message from Reeda.

R: “Hope you’re having a cute Pinky day Missy”

Z: Begone Fish!

R: Hahaha.  I love you too sis. Hows the event going? Met any one interesting yet? *wink*

Z: This Pink top you forced me to wear seems to be repelling people, so no I haven’t met any one.

R: Naaaa, Pink attracts… It’s going to attract some interesting TDH your way shortly. Just remember to bring him along for the barbeque this evening.

Z: Gerrout

R: Lol… I’m heading out to pick up those stuff from Jay. Will buzz you later. Have a lovely event *wink*

Looking up from her phone, she saw that the hall had pretty much filled up and the event was about to start. There was some movement to her right and as she turned to look at her soon to be neighbour, she  found herself staring into the face of the cutest Asain she had ever seen. He had such lovely blue eyes!  It took his hand waving across her face, for her to realize she must have been staring. Crap.

He was wearing a Yellow jacket over a black tee and black pants. He also held a yellow satchel. He was damn cute!

He said hello and sat down, bringing out his tag to pin on his jacket. She looked at the tag and it read YELLOW THROAT. She didn’t know when she burst out laughing loudly.

Surely the colour gods and goddesses weren’t playing today.


I took a random word doddle course on Highbrow.  A word is given daily and one is expected to doodle for 15mins, draw or create anything that comes to mind about the given word, without changing any mistakes.

The first word was Yellow Throat. Instead of doodling it, I took it as a writing word prompt. My first real attempt at fiction.

Whatya think?


One of my doddlings




Bubbles of Love  💞❤💞❤




Zamii – name of my Tablet

Reeda – name of my Laptop

16 thoughts on “Yellow Throat

  1. Ooh I think its really good. It’s not familiar and it settles well with me.
    I think that doodle initiative is good too.

    And to think you can’t correct any mistakes…

  2. Hmm, “Ta’mie”
    This is nice, I like how you owned the story and carried us into your characters’ world. Felt like I was there, honestly.
    Well done.

    However, you know how a gifted artist’s doodle is called art? Yh.
    I know this is your doodle.
    I’d pay to see your actual art!

  3. Oh my!
    I like the way you named your laptop and your tablet. Very good.
    Your doodling actually made a surprising amount of sense. My stream of consciousness writing is usually a bunch of disjointed lines. Great job Tamie

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