From where I’m standing

From where I’m standing …
I’m grateful to God for 2017
For His unwavering love and grace that held me..
..even when I felt unsure and overwhelmed with issues of life and thought I was sinking.

For protection and safety ..
..through being robbed at gunpoint , having my house burgled by gunmen in the middle of the night , not falling victim to con men in a taxi.

For provision and divine helpers ..
..for beautiful gifts like Seun, for IMMERSE, For the wonderful gifts of people I got to connect with.

For growth..
..Overcoming fear, being more patient, being less self-centered, taking baby steps out of my comfort zone, getting more intentional in all around me, learning to walk in love.

For health..
..I had no cause to be bedridden, to be hospitalized, to pay for oxygen for my next breath, to be a patient relative to a loved one in the hospital.

For gift of family, friends, loved ones.
..eternally grateful !


From where I’m standing
I’m grateful to God for 2018
For the joys, laughter, love, beauty and much more my Abba has in store for me and my loved ones.
I’m grateful for the year of the Lord in my life…for that’s what this year Is to and for me.
It’s all about you Abba.


Happy new year!

Bubbles of love šŸ’–ā¤šŸ’ž

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