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Hey Shugars!

Its Day 3 of 365.. The year is sure moving along.

The end and beginning of the year are common times people do a lot of planning and goal setting. This could  be for their businesses,  careers, personal development, academics, finances,  or blog. Some people to do this in any regular notepads while others go ahead to get customized planners or journals as the case may be.

Previously,  I also used one of my notepads which also served as a journal for any of such planning.  But last year I got some ‘readymade’  planners which I used. I won the Cassie Daves I  from Sisiyemmie’s blog and also won the Hdhq life planner from Viv of  Alaroro Shopaholic. I also got the AYD power planner (Accelerate Your Dream).. It was part of a finance coaching class I joined early last year hosted by Amaka of Akaglue (one of my best decisions of 2017).

I didn’t get all at the same time. The Hdhq planner came in first.

Hdhq Life Planner

This planner was full package. It had The monthly pages, contact logs, bills and expenses log, budgets, notes, sketches, gratitude/thankful page, colour pages (my fav spot).  My only  reservation  was the size. It was a bit bulky and heavy so I didn’t carry it around.

I got the Cassie Daves blogplanner some months later.

Cassie Daves blogplanner

Any ‘beche’ and focused blogger will love the blog planner. It has a lot of interesting pages to offer, daily blog check list, monthly post ideas/notes, to do lists,  blog finances review, social media posting scheduling, brand partnerships, blog topic ideas, useful blog tips and apps!

I didn’t get to really use it since I got it late. I intend to use it this year.

The AYD planner came in last,  around June, and it turned out to be my fav!!

AYD power planner 2017

First I love how colourful it was. Loved glossy pages and the content too. It was my fav planner. It featured a vision board page, yearly and quarterly goals page,  personal development tracker, weekly reviews, daily action list, events/calendar, cashflow /savings tracker page, daily gratitude column.


This year, I ‘renewed’ only one. The AYD planner. I loved it last year and found it very useful and portable,  so I got one for myself. It didn’t come in the old design I loved tho. But its more portable and I like that.



I also got a new customised journal from @oludidit on Instagram. Love it.


So journal and planner wise, I’m covered…..for now 😉

There is something powerful about writing down plans, goals, desires, dreams,  visions.  As you write them down and see them, you become more inspired, more focused and something within you stirs you up toward achieving it.

It doesn’t have to be a ready-made planner,  any decent notepad will do. Yeah use a notepad or planner you love. It would make you want to write more often in it.

Write those visions, make them plain,  read them, present them to God and he will show you how to  run with them.

Have you used any of these Planners? Are you planning to use any of them? Do share your thoughts.

I will be giving away one AYD Power planner. To participate,  Just leave a comment below saying why you want a planner or why you think you need one. Will pick one person on the 15th.

**Depending on location, winner might cover delivery costs.


Bubbles of love ❤💞💖




5 thoughts on “Of Planners : Writing the vision||Giveaway

  1. Yay!!! Happy New Year again! Lol I’m pretty excited about the new year. I’d like to win the planner because I have a lot to do this year, and I’ve been looking for a planner for a while now. This would be an answered prayer for real. From my mb exams coming up, to a Tedx event I’m planning on hosting, to a novel I’m working on, to my weight loss struggles (lol working on it) to elevate magazine and now website and also the free summer school in August. I’ve got quite a lot of planning to do and it would def my make my year if I won this 😁😁 thank you! I hope all your plans and goals for the new year are made manifest 🙂

  2. Happy new year Doc!
    I’d really like to win this planner because I’ve wanted one for the past few years but stuck with notepads because it never fit in my budget. I’ll like to revive my love for blogging so a planner will definitely help. Thank you.

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