Hi, I’m Tamie and I’m a blogger.


I literally laughed out loud and continued chuckling intermittently as I wrote this post.
This is the first time I’m referring to myself as a blogger. I only refer to myself as a reader. That’s because I feel more in tune with reading than writing.
I can’t remember how exactly, but I stumbled into the world of blogging in 2006/7( It feels so long).
I was hooked from beginning. Reading lots and lots of posts. There was this community vibe. Like community with different house owners on different streets. Neighbors who knew each other and bonded often on their doorsteps (in the comments section).

Writing posts wasn’t exactly my thing as I never consider myself a writer…. I was and still am more of a reader. I prefer leaving the writing to more creative /imaginative souls and curling up to read up in my leisure time. All I wanted was read posts and leave occasional comments.

I slowly came out from the shadows to the comment sections and finally publishing my first blog post. I had thought that no one would read what I had put up, talk less of commenting. I was wrong. One sweet thing that got to me then, was when other bloggers would check up on me and push me to update my blog. It felt nice.

I wasn’t regular but I started updating my blog and publishing posts as the spirit led.
The blog went on to have a reasonable number of posts. After a long spell from the blog, I felt I had abandoned it for too long, I deleted it. (Looking back,  I wish I didn’t. I should have listened to Atilola and Ebila). I didn’t even back up or save it. So unlike me that likes keeping copies of the few things I write.
After a while I had an itch to start another one, I kept pushing It away till I succumbed in June 2015. I started this blog here on the Blogger (blogspot) platform, then migrated to WordPress in January 2016.

Now we here.

Funfact – I’ve never celebrated a blogverssary or any blog miles like most bloggers do. Now thinking, what month do I pick?  June or January?


Back when I started blog hopping, having a niche wasn’t really really a thing. Or Maybe it was and I didnt know. Nah, it wasn’t a thing.
Most blogs were personal/journaly kinda blogs. People sharing what’s up in their lives and hoods, generating community bonding in the comment sections with fellow yard people /bloggers.
It was fun sha!


Having a blog niche simply put is having that long term specific topic, area, project that one loves writing about. There’s usually a focus on one main topic, with occasional variety. Some people may have two main topics.
Having a niche gives the opportunity of a target audience and the added benefit of working with brands or getting some endorsements and monetizing the blog.

In recent times the world of blogging has evolved to have so many niches, so many – fashion, lifestyle, health, entertainment, literary, tech, culinary, hair, photography spiritual, finance, even gossip! (from where Linda Ikeji med it).
To each one their own.
My favorite of them all are lifestyle blogs (even if I’m not totally sure I know the extent of that definition).
There are those who divide blogs into two categories : lifestyle and niche blogs. Representing two conscious decisions that bloggers make – to write about every thing (lifestyle) and to write about one major thing (niche).

Tamies Alcove is nicheless ATM. If I’m to use the above definition though, it would fall under lifestyle.
Err, this babe is nicheless so why should I even read her blog??
To connect with one more unique person in the universe, her thoughts on life and its issues, her quirks and all things in between.
If you’re bored and wanna-
Catch up with gossip –  Linda ikeji
Be entertained – Bella naija
Show your natural hair love – African Naturalistas
Get a fix for wanderlust fever – Travel with a pen
Catch up with Tamie just because – Tamies Alcove.

You’re welcome shugar, I see you!
Who knows, Maybe I would become A Niche-body someday.

For the time being, you’re welcome to my lair.

I enjoy reading almost all kinds of blogs but my fav are lifestyle blogs, followed closely by travel blogs.

Random: Have you noticed some niches that were in vogue are no more as popular? One I’ve noticed like that are the hair blogs. Or maybe it’s  my attention that has shifted. Have you noticed any popular niche with declining popularity?

On Sharing
Again, something I connected with in the old community was the level of openness there was. People shared from their hearts, not for likes, comments and the brand… But they shared to just exhale, connect and to bond. It wasn’t about aesthetics, the best filter or flatlays. Most blogs then rarely shared pics especially personal ones. It was more of writing and more writing. Yeah, but then most bloggers were anonymous.

Blogging has sure moved on, sometimes it feels like it moved 7 light years ahead, and the new milieu is oh so morden (even though its sometimes overdone). Its moved from just sharing to being side hustles or full time jobs! I love the evolution.

As much as I miss the old,  I love the new. I love and enjoy the creativity that comes with blogging today. I find it both inspiring and educative.

Back then I didn’t embrace referring to myself as a blogger cos I felt I wasn’t a writer. I haven’t also embraced it in recent times cos I didn’t exactly fit into a blog niche.

Or was there a different reason? I dunno.

But somehow, I feel ready to accept being called or referred to as a blogger. No big epiphany moment. Just readiness.


Hi,  my name is Tamie and I’m a blogger!
And you? Are you a blogger? If yes, What’s your niche?



Bubbles of love 💖💞💕

23 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Tamie and I’m a blogger.

  1. Good read, doc.

    Just so you know, your blog (well your life generally) inspires me…gracias!

    “fashion, lifestyle, health, entertainment, literary, tech, culinary, hair, photography spiritual, finance, even gossip! ”

    You didn’t mention “personal blogging”, is it the same as “lifestyle blogging”?

    Hi, I’m Requine and I’m a Personal blogger (or something like that😅).

    1. Hey dearie!
      Thanks hun..

      Lol. I’m sure there are others niches I didn’t mention.
      We are on the same page, I consider myself a Personal blogger too.. Though I can’t say If that’s a niche on its own or a sub under Lifestyle.

      Nice to meet you Requine! Kiss😘

  2. I think I understand you. It was last year I called myself a blogger too for the first time. I laughed after saying it but I enjoyed it. I think I own it now.
    I think it’s also redeeming and refreshing.

    You’re right, different trends come and go, really. If a blogger has a passion for what they blog about, it doesn’t matter what happens around then. I think hair blogs have really gone down.
    My niche is lifestyle and literary.


    1. Yes! Oh I’m glad you understand me.
      Yeah, maybe the hair revolution died down, that’s why that niche feels quiet now.
      Fashion and lifestyle blogs seems to be trending.

  3. Hi Tamie, Yes I’m a blogeer and when i started blogging it was travel for me. I just wanted to have a space to put up all things travel and came up with http://www.findingae.com. Blogging requires quite a bit more time than I thought but I have tried to do a bit of keeping up and share bits and pieces of my travels and how i explore my city

  4. I have to say I laughed while I read this. Finally someone else gets me! For years I’ve battled to settle down and pick a niche for my blog, but I was trapped by the fear of being stuck and unable to deliver. I like the freedom of writing about what speaks to my heart and what resonates with me. Thanks for this post though! I think it gave me some clarity.

  5. Lol.
    I can relate to this. I’ve been thinking about doing a post about the overrated need to have a niche.
    I like being a one stop read blog.
    So i had to change my blog name to allow room for anything I feel ĺike blogging about.

    1. I think sometimes there’s a pressure to belong to one niche before one is taken seriously as a blogger.
      I don’t have that one area I’m that passionate about to concentrate on alone, so freestyle.

  6. Don’t we all miss the community that we once had? It’s not collaborations not community! Blogging has been part of me for a looong while and that is how I even met you sef – that community. I am glad for the community I wish we didn’t move on from it but the commercialisation has sucked the “fun” out of blogging for me – it is now a full time job as you won’t be considered serious if you just “go with the flow” which is sad. So, I am in a new phase where I am creating video which I enjoooy doing and not pressured to get likes or get brand endorsement. Ish! Love first biko!

    1. Tomi dearie you get me!!!
      The community was just great and real fun. I loved the connections. Really.
      No be be full time job oh…. Its so technical now, stats monitoring, etal.
      On the other hand, I also appreciate how blogging has now become sources of income.

  7. Thank you for the mention. What you discussed here is very real. The blogging world has changed so much. It’s more about professionalism, and less of realism. The disadvantage is that if you don’t go with the change, you might be relegated to the background. I guess we should all do what makes us happy.

    1. Change is the only thing that’s constant right?.
      Yeah, we should all do what make us happy.
      Your space is one of the few places that reminds me of what it was like when I first came across the world of blogging.

    2. Change is the only thing that’s constantright?.
      Yeah, we should all do what make us happy.
      Your space is one of the few places that reminds me of what it was like when I first came across the world of blogging.

  8. Thanks for the shout out Tamie 🙂 I think the choice of having a niche vs not having one should come from passion. Do what makes you happy. If that’s blogging without a niche, do so and own it. Maybe niche-less blogging can become a niche too 🙂

  9. You’re an awesome blogger! I enjoy coming to visit, catching your messages in the reader, or getting an email that you have posted. 🙂
    I love all kinds of blogs, but truly joy blog that are just people being who they or doing what they love. It’s so easy for us to pressure on ourselves. Being able to enjoy what we love or do, whether we get a like or not, makes life so less stressful. How much more the delightful surprise and gratitude when others like us for who we are! <3

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