My Escape Pod

Reading had always been my escape pod. Escape from anything going on around me at the time, that is.

Well, that was before I became a social media addict… Don’t judge me, I’m in recovery though.

I could escape through any anything that had letters and /or pages. Books, Mags, letters, newspapers. I also loved holding and owning books.

One of my childhood memories include the times I spent splitting newspaper pages into two with my dad. I enjoyed my school readers and social studies books in primary school, cos of the stories they had in them.

I entered the world of novels in secondary school. Then I had no filter. I read every darn thing I came across that got my attention, mostly fiction and mostly borrowed. I didn’t own many novels and my mum would ask one million and one questions about any book I borrowed and brought home. So I did most of my reading in school or late at night at home.

It was in University I realized it wasn’t only fiction I enjoyed. I loved and enjoyed reading my academic books too. I would pick up my Keith Moore and escape into the world of Human Anatomy.. The origin and insertion of muscles, courses of arteries, veins and nerves. I would continue with Physiology and Pharmacology. Even though sailing with academic reading had a different vibe from fiction it was something I came to love and enjoy doing.

Along the line I came across motivationals and self-help books. I was late to this party. I hope to correct this with my kids. I got to see and know more beyond fiction and academic books. Initially I found them boring. But with time I embraced this new discovery and wished I had started earlier.

Fast forward to the last couple of years, I’ve found myself struggling.
When I first realized this it was so funny and foreign. I just wasn’t reading anything. It was kinda like a button just got turned off.
Well, some identified reasons included social media and simple laziness.
Another funny thing was that even though I wasn’t doing any reading, I would still see a book that I think I would like to read, I will either buy it or download it and just store it up.

Since I had become more glued to my phone, I slowly started reading online again…. entertainment stories, News, blogs and somehow the flip got turned on again.

I’ve found my way back to the escape pod but its a bit different now. I’ve got a filter now. I don’t read every darn thing I come across anymore.
Also sometimes I would find myself trying too hard to strike a balance between reading fiction where the wings of my imaginations are unclipped and reading non fiction that has more depth.

I realized in trying too hard I ended up not doing any reading.  So I gave up trying, and I also ignored my TBR list.
Now I just pick what catches my heart at the moment and escape.
When I started residency I struggled too, with academic reading.. Still am, but it’s getting better. For academics though, I think the reason is different. I think a part of me is tired of Medicine- topic for another day.

So far I’ve read five books this year and currently reading four others..

Firebrand by Debola Deji-Kurunmi – read 1/2 way

Brown girl dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson – read 3/4

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai – Just started, done first two chapters

Without Rival by Lisa Bevere – Just intro, Yet to start.


It’s not in the numbers or keeping up with anyone.. It’s in finding myself again.


How I’m reading four books at a time? Don’t ask….. Just tell me your thoughts on escaping with reading, what you’re currently reading, books that have impacted your life, stories you will like to read over and over again etc

Do tell, I’m reading listening.


Bubbles of love💕💞💕💞


13 thoughts on “My Escape Pod

  1. Five books already? That’s amazing.

    Lol, four books at a time? Sometimes, the best way to read is on shuffle so that you don’t get bored and the mix of ideas can be exhilarating.

    I think I’ve only read 2 this far. One of them, an audiobook.

    1. Hey TM..
      Well, two were short books.
      Exactly! I used to stick to one book at a time, but sometimes I got bored and stuck. I started reading more and one and it seems to work better.
      Audio books? I’ve never read any. Will like to try it sometime though.

  2. Ooh you’re a doctor? I’m always excited to meet doctors, I want to be one in future!
    I was the same when I was younger, I read everything and anything. I still read a lot but definitely not as much as before. I have a TBR list but it literally takes me ages to read the books on it because if I see a book and I like it, I read it. Even if it’s not on my list. For example, I added Daughters Who Walk This Path to my list in 2015 and didn’t read it till January this year lol.

    Anyways, glad you’ve gotten your reading mojo back. Would love to read I Am Malala! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. 😁 Nice to meet you too Demilade.
      It’s the same thing for me with my TBR list, I’ve got it but I don’t stress if some random book gets those on the list outta the way for a while.

      I read your reviews on Khaleed Houseini’s books. I am Malala will transport you back to Kabul setting.

  3. “Also sometimes I would find myself trying too hard to strike a balance between reading fiction where the wings of my imaginations are unclipped and reading non fiction that has more depth.”

    Me too.

    I also enjoy reading multiple books at a time. It decreases the risk of bored reading.

    What has really helped me so far especially with my current schedules, is small group reading. I don’t always catch up with the group but I try to. And hearing what others are learning from the same book goes a long way to keep me motivated.

    1. Yeah, I stopped dwelling on the balance.
      Yes you’re right….. Reading multiple books helps with boredom.

      I’ve tried group reading once or twice.. Hasn’t really worked well for me.

  4. I used to read a lot when I was in primary/secondary school. Then, I stopped. Abruptly. I can’t even remember stopping.
    I started again not too long ago and it’s been a struggle.
    My speed has gone down and I don’t turn the pages as fast. I recently read a 250 paged novel (fiction) and it took me over 6 hours.
    I started another one and it is worse especially since it is none fiction. At the rate I am going, I’ll finish in December. The only thing that motivates me to keep reading it is because I’ll like to do a review on it soon or not (if I never finish)

    Book name -The confident woman by Joyce Meyer.
    The book is super insightful by the way, I am just a lazy ass.

    In other news:
    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.
    Please follow the link to accept
    I’ll like to read 7 facts about you. So if your blog is awards free, kindly write them in the comment section.

    Have I mentioned I am a very sensitive person? Please don’t break my very fragile heart😭

    1. Hahaha. I thoroughly get you! I’ve had those moments of struggling and reduced ‘speed’.

      Confession I have never finished a Joyce Meyer book. I start but never finish.

      Thanks so much for the nomination! I’ll get to it soonest.

  5. I’m a reader too but lately, my schedule has become tighter. I still try to read though, it just means no time to accommodare less impactful books.

    Well done.

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