Musings|| 5.4.18

I don’t think there is anyone who likes heart breaks. Or disappointments. Or failures. Or regrets. Or *insert that feeling you can’t find a word for*

I don’t think there is any one who likes replaying their foolishness, actions, inactions that would have prevented them from hurting.

Many a times, Many of us…. Find ourselves wishing we can turn back the hands of time on a particular timeline

As early as I can remember… I have timelines I would have loved to change if given the chance.
Not cos they were the worst
Maybe cos I just wanted a different ending
Am I even making sense right now?

I guess not.
Make I just waka dey go (Let me just move on)

But every happens for a reason right?

Have you had that kind of heart-break that you can almost swear you hear your heart cracking, literally?

Has failing at something left your eyes an autogenerating saline pool? Streams you can’t seem to control. That are disobedient to your incessant fluttering. Trickles that don’t know the difference between indoor and outdoor, daytime or night-time

Dammit woman! You’re supposed to be moving on!

Sometimes life just feels like a one week old pot of unwarmed beans.

Last last, We go all sha dey alright. (Finally, We will all be fine)

Bubbles of love

PS : ignore the grammar. I don’t just want to make common sense.

PPS: If you were to giver this musing a title what would it be?

12 thoughts on “Musings|| 5.4.18

  1. It’s one thing to say we’ve moved on, it’s another thing to actually move on. Life is hard y’all!! Does anyone has a manual for making it easy?

    1. For me the first step is acknowledging to myself that I need to move on. Then slowly but surely I look back and I see I’ve actually taken some old steps.
      I have a manual for making it easy 😁! *(the problem I have is sticking with it always)

  2. Title, title…..idk oh. Maybe “unknown to you”
    “Have you had that kind of heart-break that you can almost swear you hear your heart cracking, literally?” This i totally understand. Breaking from the inside but still whole…..

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