Jolly June

I love New!
New beginnings… new places, new people, new friends, new food, new love… you get the idea.
I love seeing a new day..a new month..a new year.
There is just something about a fresh start.

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The old is good.
Sometimes though, it gets too comfortable.
I like the offer of a fresh start.
I read blogoratti post on plans for the month. It’s a good way to plan ahead for a month. The plans don’t always have to be big changes or ultra fabulous stuff..they could just be something little that wouldn’t matter to the next person but would put a smile on your face and make you feel glad that you did them. 

I usually make a mental list of such things…but I’ve realized most times as the month goes on I either forget or just give up on them. So I will be taking a cue to pen down a few.. my  month-to-do (MTD)..

 1. Drink more water.
I can go all day with just one glass of water. That’s terrible I know. I know. I won’t go on to say I will start drinking 4 liters a day but I would make a conscious effort to increase my water intake.

2. Read more books.Starting with the two I’ve been dragging my feet( or brain) on.

3.  Work on being more patient..with myself and people I relate with.

4. Visit a book shop

5. Cut down on spontaneous spending

6. Reduce the cluttering on my bed

June is the sixth month so I will leave it at six.

Got plans for June? Wanna share? Please do.
Happy new month!


8 thoughts on “Jolly June

  1. Wow! Great plans. How's it going so far considering it's almost 3 weeks into the month of June. Personally I have problems with plans. I just can't seem to stick with them so I chose live randomly. I know it's sort of crazy to live that way but I can't help it.

  2. Hey Geebee..its been going on well save for one or two..
    There are no hard rules to making plans tho,I see them as a kind of guide.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hello lovely, its good to make plans indeed and nice of you to reference me in your post, that was kind of you. I shall add you to my list so I can visit more often. Many thanks!

  4. Timely issues that are still relevant till date. Still trying to drink more water tho, read more,….except going to the book shop…….it is a nice-thought-compelling piece

  5. Timely n still relevant issues till date. Well 2019,….i am still not dri.king enuf water, reading has picked up,….but bookshop, eh eh. A nice thought-compelling piece

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