Life lately || August Break


Como estas?

Ahh,  I miss learning Spanish! At some point I was learning Spanish and French using Duolingo and Memrize..and had made good progress, then I slacked and used all I had learned to eat garri. 🙆

So……… How we doing ??

Forgive my disappearing ways . I have no excuse, just plain laziness. Well not really laziness, seeing as I have been active in other areas of my life.  Anyway, I ‘is’ here now.

How has life been at my end? Awesome! This month seem to have borrowed buress (do you know this word?). It’s so fast. It seemed like yesterday I was dancing into the month with my birthday and now it’s quickly coming to an end.

What have I been up to?

Enjoying  My annual leave.  Yes, aside being my birth month, I always go on leave in August. Unlike previois years, I didnt start from the 1st of the month, started mid way.  So I’m chilling till mid September. This time last year I was in Ghana. Shared about it here  (and here, )

Also enjoying the rains! Here in Ph, it’s  been raining everyday this week.

Attending The annual Women Convention of my place of worship Dominion City! It’s been AWESOME!! There is no better place than the presence of God. Really.

Planning  To take a Baking and Pastry course.  I thought of learning online,  but I wanted to be serious with it and some accountability so I would be registering for a practical class for my leave period.

Doing a Proverbs study. Seeing as August and Proverbs have 31 in common, I started #APAD (A Proverb a day) with a few friends.

Feeling  My new phone(infinix note 5). My old one ( tecno camon 9) started seeing visions and acting up. I was managing it oh, as I didn’t have any plans to change phone.  Only to visit my dad and he was gifted a new phone he didn’t want to use. Eziokwu! That is how the Lord used him oh and changed my phone. I LIKE the phone wellu wellu. I dey feel am.

Taking  An online course. So far it’s been cool. It is for 4 weeks, and I’ve done 1 week already and made good progress. If i keep up my pace I would be done before the allowed time.

Reading Nothing actively. Though I have a half read Born a crime by Trevor Noah. Recently got The Master Piece by Francine Rivers and Once Upon a Love by Tope Omotosho .. Yet to start them though.

Accepting  My new orobo status. I don’t know when exactly this happened oh, but oh well! I’ve given up complaining.

Passively wondering  About the numerous political dramas going on and the forth coming elections next year. Active wondering leaves me very sad, so I  just do it passively. Do you have your PVC? I don’t. Applied for transfer .

Not looking forward to going back to work. I have this been there, done that ,what’s next feeling with residency. Anaesthesia has been beautiful and I enjoy it, in some way.  But a part of me want something else. I feel like I joined the Nigerian medical doctor band wagon to do residency. I’m curious about non clinical aspects of medicine. I’m also curious about alternate/allied careers. #ResearchMode

Expecting Some good news. Credit alerts.

Restarting my French lessons on Duolingo and Memrise. Fingers crossed. Do you know a better learning app than these?

Developing a bad habit. Eating/Snacking at weird hours. The other day I went looking for garri to drink by 1am. Who does that?? It’s 11.56pm now and I’m eating biscuits and thinking of adding a cup of milk to wash it down. I need epp.

Opening myself to meeting new people. I feel like I don’t know how to make friends/network. #IntroVProbs.  These days,  I’m trying to do better. I need new people/friends in my life.

Missing the sharwama I almost always buy when I’m on call. That is the only thing I miss about not going to work .

Reevaluating My life goals, plans, to – do’s

Wishing I could take a trip somewhere for some different scenery. Due to stuff I have on my plate though,  it’s not looking likely.

Wanting more of Jesus. I’m not there yet. I walk, stumble, fall and rise… Yet I’m not giving up.

Loving Me for me. It’s been a journey but I’m here for the sincere love I feel for me. Xoxo girl.

Aaaaaaaaaand cut! 😊😀

Life’s been beautiful.. Can’t complain. Hope yours has been too.. Tell me about it..

See you soon… Till then, Bubbles of love 💕💕💕



23 thoughts on “Life lately || August Break

  1. Finally!!!! The long awaited post is here.. We are all dealing with life the best way we can and enjoying the moments. Nice one!! Cheers!!.

  2. Tamie girl you are living your best life!
    I feel you! I’m so socially awkward lol. I say I want to go out often, meet people, date!.. you have to go out to meet guys right? Right. The thought of going anywhere gives me anxiety. I’m afraid that I’ve become too content being by myself 😩

    1. Hey babe. Trust me, I soooooooo know this feeling!
      But lately I’ve been stepping out.. And it’s been cool. You can start slowly.. Attend a get together, intentionally talk to someone new, etc..

  3. Love the pingback to the GH series.
    Please don’t accept the orobo status ooo. I know I’m in the biz of weightloss but it really is my desire that we all become intentional about healthy living and not looking for ways to lose weight. Biko…
    Love this and will try it on my blog

    1. Thank you sis.

      I was doing well eating healthy and all oh, dunno how and when I slipped and started gaining weight. Time to get up I guess. Thank you.

      For monthsss I haven’t been able to comment on your blog. Dunno why. It just doesn’t post.

  4. Tamie!
    Good to hear from you 🙂
    Lol @new orobo status…. like why is everyone (plus me) adding weight? What’s in the air?
    I also didn’t know you were Igbo @eziokwu…
    I enjoyed reading this 🙂

    1. Lol weight is in the air 😂
      I’m not Igbo, but my one term learning it in sch should count for the one or two phrases I know.
      My mum however speaks and write Igbo very well.

      Thanks Ozioma.

  5. This is the first post I’ve come across from visiting your site for the first time and I must say I appreciate you for being so real. I hope you’re enjoying your birthday month and looking forward to seeing what you’ll bring forth next.

    Albany Chanel
    Give Gorgeously | A Gift-Giving Blog

  6. You reminded me of my French classes on Duolingo. I should go and pick up where I left.

    Would love to see an update on this post, in your new home!

    1. Sadly I abandoned my french lessons on duolingo and memrise again. Learning a language in old age no easy.
      Great! I will do an update of it soon.

  7. A whole lotta improvement. A whole lot to keep working at. A whole lot achieved…..the fact that u are consciously aware is proof that you will keep getting better n better….

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