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Hey shugars!

Welcome to the ’embers! The year has been a fast one, do you think so too? It’s September already! Sincerely January feels like a few weeks ago.

I started out the year wanting to read more……for leisure, inspiration, entertainment, learning. I was real with myself and I didn’t want to stretch it,  so I put a target of two books a month..which I didn’t meet.

However the following books have kept me company at one point or the other so far..



  ROYALTY by Bolatito Bez-Idakula

I love reading books like this.. A book I can relate to the author’s  story. I can connect and can understand where they are coming from.
Most times it feels like the author had a spy into all or some areas as my life and just went on to write about it without my knowledge.
I find some of the experiences, lessons and healing processes shared relatable and it goes on to make sense to me, to be an instrument of hope and healing to me also.
The author shared a lot about her life(as a single, as a wife), challenges(losing a child, miscarriage) , low moments and how with the help of God she pulled through it all. It was an emotional read. I could really relate to some of the experiences and feelings she had growing up.. and how they affected her self esteem, her relationship with God.


REBIRTH by Julianna Ola (aka toyo baby from Jenifa Diaries)

I was a lastma with Jenifa diaries, only watched it for the first time last year. So only got to know Toyo last year. I don’t follow her on social media so didn’t know she wrote a book till I read a review on it early this year.
Rebirth is her story from grass to grace. It talks of her experiences growing up, family, sexual abuse, her relationship with God, fame and a few other things.
I found it interesting, cos it had a gisting tone and wasn’t oh so formal.
She went through some hard times and eventually God lifted her up to where she is.
(Though cliche) It would make an interesting movie.
Its not a perfect story but its one of her owning her background and truth.

 BROWN GIRL DREAMING by Jacqueline Woodson

images (4)
This was one of a kind read.
It had a unique style. The writing style. A novel written like poetry. {First time I was reading something like this}
The story was around a coloured girl and her family. Her experiences growing up and roles different members in her family played. It also touches some black history eg the marches blacks had in a bid to be treated equally.

 KITE RUNNER by Khaleed Hosseini

images (5)
This was my first read from a Muslim perspective.
This book was one emotional turner. It spoke of family, secrets, loyalty, redemption, migration, war, suffering… Mehn it was deep.
As I read I kept playing the images in my head like a movie.
Khaleed was so descriptive you would literally be transported to Kabul, Afghanistan. By the time I was reading his second book, I felt like a Kabul indigene.

 A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS by Khaleed Hosseini 

This was another emotional book by Khaleed.
Even though it was fiction I could very well picture it as someone’s reality. It started with the story of Miriam who was born out of wedlock and went on to have one hardknock life. Miriam’s life was just one sad sad one. Haba.
Again, khaleed wove his story through the streets of Kabul.

WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS by Chimamanda Adichie

images (1)
I’ve never understood what the hulabaloo about feminism was about. I didn’t even know what people generally defined feminism as. So I mostly avoided talks about it. I had a vague definition in my heard though.
Reading this book and hearing the author’s  thoughts was my first step towards attempting to know what ‘todays’ feminism is all about.
I get her view/points. There are still some grey  areas though.

29, SINGLE AND NIGERIAN by Naijasinglegirl 

images (3)
I bought an e-copy of this off okadabooks. It’s a story of Edikan a young lady. The story centers around her family background, her job search, her love life, life experiences. It was an okay read.

THE EZEKIEL OPTION by Joel Rosenburg

Have you read any of the Left Behind series? This might remind you of it.
Ezekiel option tells a political tale between Russia, USA, Israel with struggles for nuclear wars and oil wells control, all interwoven with Prophecies from the Prophet Ezekiel which succinctly seems to explain the political happenings.
Do you believe in Bible Prophecies? Do you think they’ve already happened or will happen in the future?

PURPLE HIBISCUS by Chimamanda Adichie

images (2)

I’m a late comer to this party. I finally got a copy last year and didn’t even read it till last month(July).
The books hovers around Kambili, her immediate and extended family.
Several times I wished I could put my hands around her father’s neck. It is quite sad that though fiction, there are families who go through same in reality.

BORN ON A TUESDAY  by Elnathan John

This was a very different read for me. Different cos I had not read any book with setting in Northern Nigeria. It tells the story of an Almajiri boy Ahmad.  Almajiri is system of Islamic education practiced in Northern Nigeria.
Ahmad was a young boy who was sent by his father to a Mallam to learn the Quran. He later ran away, joined bad gang, got another Mallam under whom he grew, made new friends and got into fresh trouble.

AND THE MOUNTAIN ECHOED by Khaleed Hosseini 

I’m sure by now you can tell I’ve  become a Khaleed fan. 


Growing up, a brother and sister were inseparable, but ended up being separated from each other quite early in life, because of their family financial state.  They go on to live very different lives. I wished I could change the narrative around their reunion.


This book has the vibe of a foreign book… I mean,  a book written by a western writer… Oh well, the author though of Nigerian descent is American. Did you ever watched charmed? It felt like reading Charmed?
It tells a story of an African tribe where magic existed, was killed and now being trying to be brought back.
I liked the infusion of a lot of Nigerianness into the setting and some of the plot.
In some way, though a novel, I struggled with theme – magic (juju). But you know its the same theme being acted out it many popular sci-fi movies I’ve enjoyed.
And oh the book is going to be made into a movie soon.

PS : it was written in response to the racist killings of blacks in America


If I were to go by my two a month target, I am only halfway there. Can I do the remaining half in four months? Who knows

Still on my TBR list include

Fire Brand (Started)

Once upon a first Love (Half way)

The Master Piece (Next read)

Lean in

101 questions to as before you get engaged (This will be a traffic read, as its on my phone)

Born a crime (started)

I am Malala (started but abandoned)

The Intercessor

How has the year been for you reading wise?Have you read any of these? What’s one book you’ve read this year you would like to recommend to me?

Let me turn a few pages before I go to bed..

Bubbles of love 💕💕💕



7 thoughts on “For my reading pleasure

  1. Chimamanda just rubs me the wrong way lol. I’ll make a conscious effort to get some of the books on this list it’s time to give these romance novels a rest..

    1. Hahaha Why?
      I like (enjoy) her play with words.. I find it intelligent and engaging. And I also like her style.
      Her brand / view of feminism, I’ll pass.

      Lol, try some new reads.

  2. Didn’t know she made we should all be feminists into a book. It’s a ted talk. And I love that there are mostly Naija books here. My reading list is all foreign lol but I should find Royalty and Rebirth

  3. It’s been a good reading year for me. I’ve wanted to lay my hands on a Khaleed’s books for a while now 😃.

    I read 29, single and Nigerian last week but the ending was very disappointing.

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