Musings|| Her view

I can hear it
But I’m unsure
Unsure if I can trust it
Unsure if I should trust it
I’ve heard this rhythm before

I can feel it
There is so much to feel
There is so much to heal
There is so much we could be
Just as I can hear the beats
I can feel it
The zing of our touch

I can see it
In your eyes
My heart wants to accept
What it sees
My mind marches to question
What it sees

I’m sitting in the alcove
Staring out at you
Still unsure



This was a originally a comment to a post by Timi

4 thoughts on “Musings|| Her view

  1. I’m waiting
    I’m tired
    Not of waiting, my legs are just aching
    If I’m being honest, a little bit of both

    The one thing I’m not is unsure
    Let’s dance to the rhythm
    Heartbeats in sync
    Two lovers in their own world, taking in the rest from their alcove.


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