Musings || 27.10.18

There had been a pot of sizzling guilt
Balanced at an angle on my head
All year long
In addition
I’ve been holding my breath
All year long
I could feel the weight
Danced around on one leg
To shed the weight
But it didn’t feel differently
Just this morning
I was thinking of STAY
Do you remember STAY
And this evening
I suddenly weigh less than a feather
Bare. Real. Words.
I blink and see another lifetime
I smile for the gift
Of you
Your mind
Your heart
Your personality
Follow your heart
Just as you told me to
I go always pray for you.


2 thoughts on “Musings || 27.10.18

  1. Was thinkling alot about so much, and drifted here after so long.
    I remember STAY. Read it again.
    Floods of them, along with the emotions.
    But now, I’m thankful for so much.
    For the gift that was you.
    A lover of God.
    Beautiful in and out.
    An intelligent mind.
    A strong breed, stronger than you’d admit.
    A large and warm heart in a petite container, à wonderful package.

    You can do anything you want.
    And I’m fulfilled you are doing just that now.
    Never stop believing.
    Never stop achieving.
    Never give up on your dreams.

    I go always pray for you.

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