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Sipping my best drink at the moment, a verrrry hot cup of coffee.


Dear Tamie’s Journal,

Omo, e dey easy to siddon for hawt naija dey shout “winter is coming, winter is coming” [as per day one GOT fan]… But nna mehn right now I really no want winter to come again. Make e remain where e dey.

I was greeted with a temperature of 2 degrees when I landed in Toronto. It was cold but I was like “This is not so bad”. Few hours later I landed in snowing Edmonton to – 3 degrees and was now like “Warrisgoingonhere”. A short walk from the arrival hall to the car and my fingers were numb.

Ha!… Na so we go dey dey?

My dear TJ, In this short stay of mine I’ve gone on to experience -16 degrees ( so far that’s the highest abi lowest I’ve experienced)… And world people on this side are saying things like “It’s not really that cold”; “This is good weather”; “Winter hasn’t really really started” Eziokwu!

PSA : Dear Santa.. I know I loved and sang White Christmas, and looked forward to it someday…. Now we are here, I still love it and I’m still looking forward to it… But would it be possible to have a White Christmas with temperature in the range of say 18-20 degrees… I think I could work with that. What say you Santa?

So currently, until it gets warmer, I’ve traded-

  • Cold drinks for hot hot drinks
  • Cold bath for almost boiling hot baths
  • Regular sleeping ankara for thick blankets
  • Not rubbing creams for layers upon layer of good ole Vaseline
  • Normal one top or shirt for 3-5 layers of clothing ( don’t even think of judging me)
  • Slippers and sandals for winter boots(I even need to fortify these boots with traction cleats)

The first few nights when others were sleeping I was wide awake counting ceiling. That adjusted to some extent but the fact that it got dark quite early also didn’t help. It was as if my body didn’t know how to function once it got dark. By 4.00pm in the evening the sun is gone and twilight falls, by 6.00pm It’s pitch dark.

This weather can be one kind. You know how you leave the house and it is sunny but by the time you’re returning home heavy rain had started falling…in our case it was heavy snow ‘falling’. I dunno whether I will call it a snow storm or a blizzard. Like the weather changed in seconds. Our visibility was almost zero. We had to park off the road to try to wait it out a bit. but that was just a wrong move. We had to summon courage and trek drive slowly home. It was an experience! Not funny one at all. Not one i would want to be caught in again. Then a few days later it rained and the side walks became so icy!! I have been walking one step at a time like a 80 year old lady, despite that I’ve almost fallen over 100 times. It hasn’t snowed in a while and now I miss the snow because it is better to walk on snow than Ice. I’ve come to realize it isn’t just snow making the weather cold but the winds. When it is windy it is so blinking cold.

But it isn’t altogether bad. I was talking to some one the other day and heard myself saying the weather today is good. I looked at my phone and temperature was in the range of 0 to -3 degrees. Ehennnn just like that I’ve joined weather is good today gang.

Oh well, I stay taking one day at a time.


CL – Canny Living

TJ – Tamie’s Journal

Oyi na tum’ o( Igbo language) – I dey catch cold/ I feel cold

31 thoughts on “CL ||Oyi na tum’o

  1. Madam, please don’t go there and disgrace us. Kindly form acclimatization…even if the cold freezes the words in your mouth or the thoughts in your head.

    Anyways…as bad as this weather is, the summer time is usually just wonderful; sun shines till 10 or 11pm, day breaks at 4 or 5am, life just seems happier; so one step at a time works cause it gets better!

    Ps…I really like the “on a long walk with my maker” bit…
    Stay strong my friend!

    1. Siri Siri….
      I go try not to disgrace my village n kantry people. But you sef no say I no sabi form.

      I await summer…and the madness I hear comes with it.

      It’s a long walk friend.

  2. The truth about “Fantasy” & “Reality”.

    Don’t worry, in a few years, you’ll get the hang of it all.

  3. 😂😂😂 c’mon behave!! don’t fall community hand o😳😳 ,

    Your accent never change? 😳, make sure say you change am too o as temperature changes 😂🤦‍♂️

    You no carry ‘Orio or yor ‘ ?? 😂😂😂 Rubb na like black market petrol for yonder o😂🤦‍♂️

    Kpele 😜

  4. I’m not ready for double negative digits yet, I pray winter remains this way in the GTA. As per global warming things, lol!
    Sis, I do not envy you at all. The first day we got snow here in the GTA, I was literally depressed. It was heavy and snowed for a long period. I was just asking myself, how will I go through 5 months of snow. But luckily for us, it’s a warm winter here, we haven’t got double negative digits yet. But oh menh, the wind chill some days eh, kai! Now I understand what inspired Westlife’s ‘home’ lyrics, lol!

    1. Y’all balling in GTA
      Winter there doesn’t seem as hard as it is on our side. I know those in Yukon them will be telling us similar things.
      Mami, The wind chill no get chill!! It brings the cold ×10
      We had double neg digits last week but this week has been better.

      Come to Edm or Sask next winter.

  5. 😂😂😂
    Winter is crazy. Looks great in movies and story books but the reality is not as appealing. It was -3 here last week and my lips and nose were freezing. I don’t know what -16C will feel like. My room heater is officially my best friend.

    1. The winter view is very pretty, the cold however isn’t.

      My new bff’s are things that have been keeping me warm heater, thick socks, cardigans, jackets etc.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂. Spare me small abeg make I no laugh my heart out. You’re already getting acclamatized. Abeg the sip your hot coffee dey go, nothing do you. Interesting read by the way.

    1. My dear, even the owners of the country never acclimatize completely ma JJC like me.
      People keep saying you never get used to it, you just get better at dressing for it.

      Thanks for reading.

  7. 😂😂🤣🤣!! Oyi wants to finish you ooo!!!! Don’t worry i’ll bring that jacket I promised you okay!! ehehehe..
    The sooner you get used to it the better😁 You’ll be alright las las!!
    Enjoy the white and beauriful Christmas!!

  8. Yaaaay! Nice one. All of you decided to run away the same time. Lol.
    Congrats on the new site. I’m looking for who will teach me so these techy blogging things too o. Happy New year sis

    1. Yay! Welcome!
      My dear, the tech stuff feels like high grade further maths to me mehn! Some days when I feel overwhelmed I just close it and move on biko.
      I had some help from a friend but I’m also trying to learn what I can one step at a time.

  9. So how is it now? Still double negative?
    Be strong o. You see why summer is highly anticipated.
    I should send You some harmattan weather…

    1. Today is a good day. it is -4C.
      Exactly!!! Now i get all the hype about Summer and why some people even wanna walk about in their Adam coat.
      Biko waybill me some.

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