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Today I took public transport all by meself. I had been having the luxury of getting rides with my sister. But today I had to chew bone by myself. Now the transport system (bus, trains) isn’t just needs some planning and getting used. 


A bus route can be checked up (using your bus stop number) either by checking online, the app or calling the bus service. Now I had forgotten the number of the bus top closest to me…but I remembered the number of one along that same route and used it estimate the time the bus would be arriving at my stop. I used all three methods to triple check it. I didn’t want to miss the bus and didn’t want to be late. My appointment was for 10:15am, I left home 2 hours earlier…😊 I walked to the bus stop closest to the house (about 2mins ) and waited for the bus. Thankfully the wait was short. Another lady arrived shortly after I got to the bus stop and we made some small talk. She was originally from the Philippines, she landed 18 years ago. We talked about our home countries, weather, bus routes. I normally don’t know how to make small talk but I’m learning and kinda getting used to it.

The bus ride took me to the train station where I quickly hopped on one about leaving the station to my next destination. Because I left early I was like an hour early for my appointment. My route normally passes through the City Hall, so I decided to just chill for a while.


The above was the draft from when I last visited WordPress.


Smh at myself. One quarter of the year gone already! Time! Sometimes time can be slow (like when waiting for the bus in -35C) and some times it can be so fast (like how it still feels like yesterday I was a student in Uni)

So how has everyone been?! I’ve been good, lazy and frozen and unfrozen. Well I was freezing until last two weeks. The month of February was madt cold. According to the city weather center, it was among the 5 coldest winter recorded in the city and was the coldest winter in the past 40years. The blinking coldest winter in the last 40years was the one Tamie decided to land in. Smh. From someone who couldn’t sleep all night with an air conditioner on in Naija, I sincerely don’t know how I made it. Especially as I am not yet mobile and move around via public transport which involves walking or standing in the crazy weather..and about 85%- 90% of bus stops had no cover from the elements.

There was this day I was headed down town for a training. Temperature that day was -39C with real feel of -42C. All the layers I had on felt like I only wrapped myself up in tissue, to add to this the bus was delayed for 45mins!!! Don’t worry, till today I dunno how I survived that day. When I got home I said to myself, If I fit survive today, I don survive this winter finish. And I think that was the day I stopped complaining about the weather. We had 2 weeks of that extreme weather. Baba saw me through.

An oh so frozen river. Each time the train passed over this river I wondered how anyone would survive if they accidentally fell on/in

I had looked to experiencing snow/winter, but I was too busy, concentrating on breathing, walking ultra fast, sniffing, keeping my hands warm, willing time to move, thinking of the next warm space, to really “experience” the winter. I’m sha glad winter is over and it is officially spring and its been blissful!. yeah there is still a chill in the air but its the good kind. 

During the winter, it got dark as early as 4/4:30pm. But with daylight saving now, it gets dark around 9pm. Heard this extends up to 10pm in summer. Because it got dark early during winter, I always felt like sleeping too early, say like 6pm. Now that it gets dark late, I find it hard sometimes to sleep early. Sigh.

Even though I am yet to experience summer, I’m guessing Spring might just be my best season. I love the fine mix of chill and warmth. A temperature of 10 -15 suddenly feels perfect to this tropical geh. During the winter months I was looking forward to summer..but I’m not so sure anymore. Now I have a better understanding when It’s said people go mad during Summer. Until then though, lemmi be enjoying  my Spring.





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  1. You ar me back lol. True about time how slow it is when waiting in the cold for the bus haha so accurate Glo!

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