Cruise control

I had often been asked if I miss home, my family, friends, job etc. In the first few months, the person I missed the most was Seun.

Ehhh,  Seun is a thing but to me she was “my person”. God I missed my car badtttt and the blaaady Canadian weather amplified the missing.

Having a valid Nigerian license I was good to use it for 90days. But I didn’t use it cos I didnt have a car at my disposal. So I chilled about getting the license. Then the system got changed and I woke up from my slumber.

The first step was to pass a knowledge test. I had gotten the handbook even before I arrived Canny but hadn’t read it. I got out of my chill mode, read and went to take the test. I really didn’t want to pay twice for that test and hoped to pass it once. The test could be done at any registry for $17. It consisted of 30 questions and pass mark was 26 correct answers. If one passed the test a Class 7 learners permit was issued to them. It is against the law in Alberta to have more than one driver’s license, so if one had any other valid driver’s license they were expected to turn it in after being issued the Class 7.

Those who had little or no driving experience, would have to hold the Class 7 for a year before being eligible to take the road test. But if they had a previous license they could take the road test and get issued a Class 5. Less than 2 years experience qualified for the Basic road test (and Class 5 GDL license if passed) while More than 2 years experience qualified for the Advanced road test (and full Class 5 license). Someone with a Class 5 GDL is eligible to take the Advanced road test and get a full Class 5 license after a year.

So, I decided to at least start somewhere. I went to a nearby registry to take the computer based knowledge test. I had heard the questions were straightforward but there could be some tricky ones. A friend gave me a tip to skip those I didn’t know initially then come back to them later. Thankfully that tip favored me cos someone later mentioned that was her undoing. Now the reason is this, after you’ve answered the ones you’re sure of and only those you dont know are left, you can’t skip anymore so you must pick am answer for any question you see before you can move to the next one. When I got to this point I added tumbo tumbo and SOS prayers before picking an answer. After picking an answer I closed my eyes and peeped through my fingers to see if I failed it or not…lol! At this point I had failed 3 and had just ‘3 lives’.

Thankfully I made the 26 pass mark and the test automatically ended. It was a huge relief.
An eye test was done (which was okay except my depth perception which was slightly off) and picture taken. I turned in my Nigerian license (it was a few weeks short of 2 years). I was given a temp slip,and got the license a few days later in the mail.

Two weeks later the check on my Nigerian license came back and I was cleared to take the road test. I heaved another sigh of relief. I forgot however to ask if I could do the advanced. Will clarify that when I’m ready for the road test. 

To take the road test, one needs to practise to get used to the road and plenty signs. This can be done on their own or with a driving school driver(which is usually advisable as they usually know the test routes).
Most drivers charge $45-50/hr. Annoyingly expensive. So most practise on their own if they have a car they can use, then do 2 or 3 hours max with a driver. That’s also my plan.

I’m nervous about the road test.


***The above had been sitting in my draft since Mar 22nd.


Update: I did the road test and passed it first trial! Nervousness wanted to kee me, but ABBA had my back. I barely passed ( Mistake points had to be less than 75, mine was 60) but I sha passed.

Next stop getting a car. I have already had some woes in this department…but still we move. The goal was and still is to be mobile before the winter. So far, so good..goal almost achieved.

15 thoughts on “Cruise control

  1. You passed road test in format attempt?! Amazeballs. Now I envy you 🙁

    Your blog layout I love btw, super neat 😉

    1. It’s bliss! Nobody is dragging road with you…traffic laws and signs actually have meaning and are followed. It’s bliss jare. Less palpitations for me.

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