Draft 0.1

May 10 2020

The last couple of weeks has been a mix of overwhelming, emotional, nerve racking, sombering and all kinds of feeling globally.

Even if it wasn’t exactly the case, it felt like we slept and woke up in an alternate universe. One we had to learn afresh how to live because life as we knew it had changed.

Self isolate. Quarantine. Social Distance. Air hugs. Mask up.

None of these words were new to the world but their meaning took deeper roots.

It took me a while to really process the changes that had come with our new way of living. Even though deep down I understood what was going on, I was in denial for a bit in accepting the long term nature and effects of the pandemic on all aspects of life. One stark realization that hit me smack in the face was how much of a gift our seemingly ordinary day to day living was. And it was such a beautiful gift that we took for granted…that I took for granted.

Despite being a natural homebody, it was a completely different thing having to compulsorily stay indoors. The new normal was to be wary of the outside world (places, people, things) because of the uncertainty of the danger that might be lurking.

This new reality had us all reassessing, querying, binding and casting random sneezes or throat itches, while popping and brewing old time home remedies on the go. Some people’s tummies became lime/lemon orchards and garlic/ginger gardens.

And there were the controversies. Smh.

After my initial phase of denial, I started processing and acknowledging my feelings. I exhaled.

There is one who knows the beginning from the end because He is the Beginning and the End. The one who’s got the whole world in His hand. All those questions we’ve had this period….the why, how, when…He knows.


July 2020

It’s kinda become a bad habit that I need to break .. scribbling thoughts, leaving them as drafts, deleting them. I decided not to delete this one.

The world right now is learning to do better. Learning to live and move forward in the face of all going on. Learing to adapt to changing systems , working modes, persevering in the face of uncertainty….. Learning to not stand still but move.

So will I.


Jan 2021 insert

2020 was a lot.

But we’re standing here only because You made a way.

For 2020 I’m thankful Abba.

2 thoughts on “Draft 0.1

  1. Well said! I have become one of those overly paranoid ones – barely going anywhere except it was entirely necessary! I like the line about how we lost track of the gift of the simplicity of daily living – feels like ages now in the world before covid.

    1. I find myself missing those days…wondering when it’s gonna be that simple again.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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