Twenty 20 won

Jan 3 12:43am

It’s been a minute.

I’ve missed this space.

I didn’t totally ghost my alcove. I stopped by on some days, started writing, left a couple of drafts, later deleted them all. I toyed with deleting it all..but well, I’m here so that didn’t happen.

While having a chat with myself I juggled a couple of excuses on why I stayed away….some were legit but I think the genesis was when I started overthinking certain things.

For a long time, only a few people in my day to day life knew I had this space. Then following some spontaneous shares that number increased….and for some weird reason I was not at ease writing here anymore. Yeah this space is not anonymous and it isn’t like I serve any juicy drip but still, I became a lil bit more self conscious. That phase is receeding though.

And oh, I found the new editor pattern of the WordPress app annoying…the whole paragraph block thingy? Argh!

Last year was filled with so many emotions. Grief – lost a sibling. Love – said I Do! to my amazing man. Doubts – flunked an exam. Insecurity – lost income at some point. Worry – simply leaving the house was laced with a number of what if’s. But I’m still standing here and thankful.

Anyway…. I’m glad to be here. And plan to be around more often.

Cheers to a new year!

Dawson Park, Edmonton, AB.

2 thoughts on “Twenty 20 won

  1. Lol…Easier said than done yeah? I havent put up a post this yeah and thought to come check on you. Sorry about your loss and congrats on saying I do

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