T’journ: February

Hey shugars, happy new month!

How have y’all been? How was February for you? Am I the only one who felt it was kinda long? (I think am alone on that). In all, it was a good month. It was quiet , no much activities.

I think February 2016 will go down in the annals of Tamie’s life as one of the hottest months yet!! It was so blinking hot eh!!! I can’t even start to describe the true feelings cos I lack the right descriptive words. I’ve personally never experienced that level of heat. I was always sweating , eager to shower as often as I could , spent most nights on the tiled floor. Kai! It sha wasnt funny. There was this meme going round that the last person who entered hell forgot to close the door properly. It sounded funny oh but wasnt realy. I sha kept telling myself, I no fit go hell oh… I also remembered a saying a friend used to say: “As a Nigerian, I don suffer enough…I no fit go hell”. Thankfully the new month was ushered in with some rain. It didn’t last long at my end but it cooled the weather throughout the day.

I have plans to move forward in my career this year. That’s a thing with and for me , cos it took me a while to get there. I’m just really hugging my Abba for grace and favour as I step out on this path. Though I  am usually excited about new beginnings, I’m also always anxious and apprehensive about them. I remember my first day during my house job. I was so scared and worried. But things just played out. Each time I’ve been worried, God had just had a way to make lines fall in pleasant places for me. As I started worrying recently, the Holy Spirit just asked me: All the things you ever worried about how did they turn out and was it your worrying about them that worked it out? Ah, that Q just sent me into thanksgiving mode.. I jumped off the worry train. ALL things work together for my good. QED.

I haven’t finished my book for February (Reason?- Life happened). The book has two parts and am done with the first part. Will continue it in march, in addition to the one I plan to read in March. Its a new book I got, titled Angels on assignment. Anyone read it?



Its a smaller book. So I hope to be able to read it with the other one. So help me God. 🙂

The year is no more that new, its steadily rolling on. I am loving Tamie version 2016. I am loving the me I am experiencing so far. Its not all perfect, but its positive. I have started ticking my to-do for the year. I had some self development stuff I had planned to work on, started some..the next major one is to take driving lessons. I intend to start that very soon. I’ve already started binding every spirit of fear. Lol. I think I would be cool tho

Have you started ticking off some of your goals?

How was February for you?


Happy new month once again…

Love and light..



PS : Easter is coming!! Am excited …cos am looking forward to my church camp meeting. Its usually and awesome weekend in God’s presence.

17 thoughts on “T’journ: February

  1. Oh my!!! That book you are about to is ……….intact I’m short of words. Its simply life changing, uplifting, eye opening and more. I read in PDF format on my tab 2years ago.

    February sure was a dynamic month, despite all the heat and all,its still a good month because its a cumulative of the days God has made, I tried to rejoice and be glad in it😁😁

    It will be well on your new journey, the hardest thing about a new journey is the first step. And like someone said the first thing to do achieve your dream is to take the first step.


  2. You sound like a different Tamie too

    I definitely love her… Haha

    Buy seriously tho. I’m like ‘is this Tamie’s blog?’

  3. Hi Doc Tamie,

    February started slow but ended on a good note, I got back on my “Living Consciously” train, resumed exercising and eating healthier.

    Lol @ “As a Nigerian, I don suffer enough…I no fit go hell”. It reminds me of something my colleague said week regarding the heat- “It’s as if someone left the door of hell open and forgot to shut it” XD

    Ah! It’s been so hot of late, I haven’t seen any rain yet, but it’s been cloudy this week.

    I agree with you, worry doesn’t help, it only contaminates one’s faith and slows down the process of action.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. The pretty wordsmith!
      Howdy dearie?
      I need to jump on that train again especially exercising and eating Healthy. I’ve been slacking big time on that this year.
      My dear, the weather has been something else. Yeah , these days it gets a bit cloudy here too.
      Worry indeed contaminates one’s faith!
      Have a lovely week too dear. Cheers

  4. The heat was just something else , I was begging God for a change , to make matters worse seems PHCN n the heat choose to collaborate. For me the heat made me pray for BIGGGG financial overflow after all in this same country some peps ve absolutely no idea its hot, I mean when its A/Ceveryting, not I better pass my neighbor A/C oo, I mean serious split units. It is well sha, we thank God for keeping us through it all

  5. I tried posting a comment earlier but it didn’t and I had posted a long one. lol. Oh well, hope this one does.

    I wish I could spare time to read a good book too but I haven’t had the time as well.
    Your blog is lovely and radiates warmth. You moved right? I remember visiting you on a different blog although I hope I’m talking about the same person here. hehe *tonguesout*

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I wish you the very best ahead in your career path 🙂

    1. Hey ‘twinnie’
      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to post a second comments.
      Yeah sometimes one can get so busy with little time to read a book. But you could try picking a book you think you would enjoy and juts take your time to read it , with no pressures.
      Yes i moved. Tho I can’t remember if you visited my former space. Lol. It was on blogger.
      Thanks you so much for your kind wishes and compliments.

  6. Lol. I dislike the extremes of any temperature but what I can’t stand, is humidity. And the fuel scarcity has been causing me to be humid and agitated. Still, February was a great month.
    The driving lesson thing, before you go, pray that God helps you so you won’t hit anyone or anything. Keep calm, and don’t EVER drive when you’re tired.
    Enjoy Angels on Assignment. I haven’t read it and I’m not likely to; I’m more the novel sort. But still, have fun with it. I wish you a great March!
    Favour, blessings and cooler weather.

    1. Ah yes oh, I will pray for God’s help with the driving lessons. I had taken the lessons before, about 7 years ago..it was a fun experience then. I hope for the same this time.
      I love and prefer reading novels too, but am trying to widen my reading scope.
      Amen. And Amen.
      Have a lovely month ahead dear.

  7. February kai i am glad ya gone! Warisit!!
    Lol at the hell part. I prayed a while ago for God to increase my burden for souls hahahaaha maybe the answer was the heat!
    The heat was -1000^C compared to hell mehn!
    I just kept on wondering how pips already there are coping.
    #thanksgiving dance for the day i gave my life to Jesus!!!!!!

    1. Hahahaha @ that answer. I wasn’t alone in wondering about hell with the all consuming heat that was trending. It gave me more reason to continue to work out my salvation. I gast make heaven. We gast make heaven Lol

  8. February is almost here. January has been good. Ticking off some stuff n yet to kick off some, but I know the Grace is there. I pray i never forget to always tap into it.

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